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Football And Fist Fights: Two Brawls Break Out At LA Chargers Vs. Las Vegas Raiders Game

Two sporting events got major buzz at the recent Los Angeles Chargers versus Las Vegas Raiders NFL game, and it had nothing to do with football!

Two separate showcases of brute force were on display in the stands at the Sunday, Oct. 2, game.

According to TMZ, a fight broke out during the game at SoFi Stadium. A mobile phone video caught two men engaging in a disagreement that turned violent when one gave what appeared to be a headbutt to the other.

The video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, shows a man wearing a Justin Herbert Chargers jersey arguing with a man who wore a Howie Long Raiders jersey. After what appears to be a headbutt to the Long fan, the man in the Herbert shirt punches the other man in the face. The man, looking dazed from the headbutt, stumbles on the stairs and,d when he gets back up, gets met with another blow and then a shove that spirals him down the stairs. Another Raiders fan, wearing a Charles Woodson jersey, steps in and stops the Long fan from continuing his assault.

In the video, the Woodson fan appears to exchange seats with the Long fan, sitting in front of the Herbert fan.