We’re Not Really Strangers

The We’re Not Really Strangers Core Game + Inner Circle Expansion Pack Bundle (Image: We’re Not Really Strangers)

Red Table Talk hosts Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris (aka Gammy), partnered with Koreen Odiney, creator of the purpose-driven card game, We’re Not Really Strangers, to launch their first-ever product, the Inner Circle expansion pack to the core game. The We’re Not Really Strangers x Red Table Talk card game expansion pack features 25 curated questions developed by Jada, Willow and Gammy to help deepen relationships with those closest to you.

The Fresh Dolls

The Fresh Dolls (Image: Thefreshdolls.com)

Dr Lisa, founder of The World of EPI Dolls line, for children of all ages and ethnicities, to empower them to feel uplifted, important and beautiful as they are.

Latinx Card Revoked

Lantinx Card Revoked (Image: Cardsfforallpeople.com)

Latinx Card Revoked is a hilarious, laugh-out-loud trivia game about Latino culture written by Afro Latina comedian Glorelys Mora and Tori Pool. Whether you identify as Latino, Latina or Latinx – if you can’t answer these questions, you might just need your card revoked.

Rhyme Antics

(Image: Rhymeantics.com)


Rhyme Antics is a “Hilarious rhyming vocabulary Game” inspired by hip hop. Think Catch Phrase meets Karaoke while you freestyle in proper English only. The challenge is to test your vocabulary skills.

Cards For All People

(Image: cardsforallpeople/Instagram)


Cards For All People is at trivia gaming company that celebrates diversity and inclusion. By infusing humor with trivia the company creates opportunities to highlight cultural micro-communities and the issues they care about while keeping it entertaining. Games include Black Card Revoked (which is now a TV show!) and Girls Night Out.

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MekaMon Robots

(Image: Reach Robotics)


Co-created by a young British-Nigerian engineer, MekaMons are four-legged robots that players can control via a smartphone using a companion app for augmented reality gameplay. Multiple players can battle their bots against each other. MekaMon is available in the Apple Store and the manufacturer’s website.


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Black Excellence Playing Cards

(Image: mycarddecks.com)


This standard deck of playing cards depicts black excellence and beauty.



Actor and activist Jesse Williams launched the Blebrity app, the blackest trivia app game you’ve ever played.

Tip Off

(Image: TipOff Game)

TipOff is a fun, app-based word guessing game not only promises good times and a way of connecting with family and friends—it also raises money for scholarships to historically black colleges.


TriviaMob, a live game show app, allows players to face off in two separate “mobs,” where they answer questions about art, science, entertainment, and more to win prizes. 

Fishing Caddy 


The Fishing Caddy allows fishing enthusiasts to pack up their myriad of gear into one convenient portable caddy. It includes fishing rod holders, tacklebox, a compartment to keep fish live and fresh plus more great features.

Toys Like Me


Toys Like Me creates African American backpack dolls, emoji dolls, and even black mermaid dolls.

Ikuzi Dolls

 Ikuzi Dolls is a line of dolls that are sensitive to diversity and the many different and beautiful ways little girl of color can look.


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