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‘Slavery Still Exists’ Says Commenters On Video Of Asian Man Beating His African Employees

The viral video has yet to be verified.

A video going viral of an Asian man physically assaulting two African employees has sparked backlash online. Many commenters, who seem to be conservatives, are comparing the incident to “tame” racism in America.

The video, posted on May 2 by X user Dom Lucre, shows the Asian man beating the two men with a stick as they try to protect themselves. Business Insider Africa has yet to confirm the video’s authenticity, but the footage did alarm many social media users.

“This disturbing footage of a Chinese employer in Africa treating his employees like Trans Atlantic slaves is going viral across the internet,” Lucre captioned the video. “Viewers have begun discussing how it appears the Chinese are ‘far more racist than the White man’ in Africa.”

Commenters then prompted a discussion on human rights abuses, stating how slavery “still exists” throughout the world. However, many users took the video to minimize African American’s history of enslavement.

“Slavery still exists. The West makes a massive fuss about slavery that happened 200 years ago in America. They don’t talk about the Slavery taking place all over the world right now,” claimed a user.

Another shared, “Everyone rails against America while completely ignoring the human rights abuses going on all over the world.”

A user then claimed that racism in Eastern Europe and Asia makes the U.S. seem “so tame.”

“I keep telling people they haven’t seen what racism is until they go to Eastern Europe or Asia. The USA is so tame in comparison.”

While the video incited a conservative response, it still showcases alleged abuse toward the African workers. The issue of anti-Blackness across the diaspora is a growing concern. In April, The Harvard Kennedy School released a report on Global Anti-Blackness and the Legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, further acknowledging how enslavement impacts today’s world.

As anti-Blackness remains prevalent on a global scale, missions to address discrimination and mistreatment continue.

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