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Black Workers Can Now Sue Tesla For ‘Hotbed’ Of Racism At Factories

A California judge has ruled in favor of Black Tesla Workers with plans to sue the company for racism in the workplace.

A California judge has ruled in favor of Black Tesla employees with plans to sue the electric car company for racism at its factories.

Although the ruling made in the Alameda County Superior Courts is tentative, Black workers for Tesla’s factories can begin proceeding with the lawsuits. According to Time, the disgruntled employees plan to sue based on their claims that the Elon Musk-led business did not protect them from racism in the workplace.

Judge Noel Wise stated that the workers at Tesla’s Fremont plant should be allowed to pursue the legal option. Their widespread issue with Tesla’s improper handling of discrimination issues led to the heated issue, first prompted in 2017 by a Tesla worker. Named in the court documents, ex-employee Marcus Vaughn sued the company for its factory production floor being a “hotbed of racist behavior.”

Upon the current ruling, Vaughn’s lawyer, Lawrence Organ, stated that the support among employees revealed just how severe the matter was.

“I think the numerous complaints over time show how Tesla failed to prevent racial harassment of its Black employees,” wrote Organ in an email to Reuters.

In an initial response to Vaughn’s claims, Tesla released a statement entitled “Hotbed of Misinformation.” The company not only denied any culpability but also expressed how they terminated three employees who engaged in the racist action. The statement also undermined Vaughn’s claims, emphasizing that he was a contracted worker.

“Marcus was not fired, he was on a six-month temp contract that simply ended as contracted,” the company stated on its official website. “His email to Elon was about his commute and Tesla’s shuttles, which was addressed as he requested. There was no mention of racial discrimination whatsoever.”

However, the recent court decision has landed Tesla back in the “hotbed,” with Judge Wise anticipating to split a potential trial into two parts. The first would be a jury trial, with the second phase for plaintiffs to sue for damages, but only if the jury finds Tesla guilty of such negligence.

Tesla also has a growing number of racially charged legal cases to handle, including from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and California’s civil rights agency.

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