Viral Cheesecake Factory Date Debate Makes It To ‘The View’, Sunny Hostin Admits ‘I Go There Every Week’

Viral Cheesecake Factory Date Debate Makes It To ‘The View’, Sunny Hostin Admits ‘I Go There Every Week’

The viral Cheesecake Factory date debate that has made its rounds on social media landed a spot on ABC’s daytime talk show The View and received support from co-host Sunny Hostin, who admitted she visits the restaurant chain “every week,” PEOPLE reports.

The conversation was part of the show’s “Hot Topics” segment on Wednesday, Oct. 25, and featured passionate commentary from Hostin and co-host Sara Haines. “I want to stand up for The Cheesecake Factory ’cause I go there every week,” Hostin said. “Sara and I agree that they make the best dirty martini.”

The 55-year-old host explained that her 17-year-old daughter, Paloma, has “ACT Prep, and there’s a Cheesecake Factory five minutes away” as the reason for her frequent visits. Haines agreed with Hostin’s praise for the popular chain, saying she has a “very nice time” at the Cheesecake Factory, where “everybody’s lovely.”

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A TikTok video uploaded by user @moniquelsantos09 was the impetus for the segment. The video has made its rounds on social media, sparking endless debate about which restaurants are appropriate for a first date. It would later be revealed that the woman, identified as Alicia, was late for the original plans, which caused her to date to come up with an alternative.

“This is a nice guy. He was trying his best,” The View longtime host Joy Behar said. “Also, she made him wait an hour. He had a reservation at a better place, but he had to cancel it because she made him wait. So that’s why she went to The Cheesecake Factory — which, by the way, is a very fun restaurant with good food!”

The popular chain has enjoyed a week of free promo due to the viral video, as social media users and celebrities have also come to its defense. “I’m going to Cheesecake Factory tonight,” said rap legend LL Cool J. “All this chatter, now I can’t wait to go to Cheesecake Factory. I’m gone hit the lunch special as soon as I get the time,” said another X user.

Even popular sports pundit Stephen A. Smith took time to address the debacle on his show, saying, “First of all, what the hell is wrong with Cheesecake Factory? Ain’t nothing wrong with Cheesecake Factory.”

Other restaurants listed as “unsuitable” for a first date options include Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili’s, Applebees, IHOP, Denny’s, Olive Garden, Wingstop, and Red Lobster. Social media teams for many companies have taken the opportunity to post hilarious clapbacks to the viral shade.

“[Red flag] if she doesn’t like wings, beer, and sports,” said the X account of Buffalo Wild Wings.

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