Jet-setting To Europe In 2024? U.S. Travelers Will Need A Visa To Visit

Jet-setting To Europe In 2024? U.S. Travelers Will Need A Visa To Visit

If you’re a U.S. citizen planning to visit Europe in 2024, you will need something extra. United States citizens with passports will now have to fill out an online visa application to gain entry into the European Union, or EU.

The EU is drawing up plans for new travel document requirements through its European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), CBS News reported. As travel enthusiasts panic, experts explain that the requirements aren’t difficult or permanent yet. “It won’t be complicated, it’s just an annoyance,” CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg said.

“Most Americans, in fact all Americans, are not used to doing this to go to Europe, so there’s going to be lots of surprises at boarding gates with people being denied boarding over the first couple of weeks if this goes into effect.”

The new rollout is set for January 2024; however, it has been delayed numerous times. ETIAS is proposing the cost of the online application will be $8 per traveler and will ask for simple information, travel plans, history, and other security questions. Greenberg pointed out that this new process could be implemented for European citizens traveling to the U.S. “Because if they institute it, there is nothing to stop the Americans from instituting a visa charge for them to come into the United States,” Greenberg expressed. “It doesn’t prove anything other than more paperwork and more revenue that goes nowhere.”

According to Conde Nast Traveler, ETIAS’ goal is to tighten up security measures and to digitally screen and track travelers entering and leaving EU countries. The approval process could take up to 96 hours. Once approved, travelers will be allowed multiple entries for three years or until the their passport expires. Visa authorization will be required to travel to all ETIAS member countries including Spain, France, Italy, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland. Countries such as Bulgaria and Cyprus and microstates Andorra and Monaco may be included in the future.