From Wall Street to Entrepreneurship: Brandon Bryant’s Journey to Success

From Wall Street to Entrepreneurship: Brandon Bryant’s Journey to Success

Brandon Bryant is a former investment banker who spent three years working on Wall Street before stepping into his passion as an entrepreneur. Now, the twentysomething-year-old is on a mission is to invest in 1,000 companies in Harlem through his impact venture firm, Harlem Capital Partners, which focuses on investing in minority- and women-owned businesses.

During his time in finance, Bryant created “Wall Street Paper” as a digital outlet for the modern gentleman. In addition, he is the social engagement lead at a marketing agency called Wilson.

Earlier this year, the self-branding expert and social media strategist stopped by Black Enterprise to talk about his journey from Wall Street to entrepreneurship. Bryant, who boasts almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, also shared tips on how to elevate your personal brand using social media, which can lead to and create more business opportunities. Some of the tips that he shared include:

  1. Due diligence: study both your competitors and those who you admire; try to figure out their social media strategy and how they are drawing people in.
  2. Engage with those that show interests in your content by liking and responding to their comments.
  3. Create an editorial calendar to continue to keep people engaged on your platform.

Watch Brandon Bryant’s full video interview with Black Enterprise Digital Editor Selena Hill below.