Suze Orman Defends Her Prepaid Debit Card [VIDEO]
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WATCH: Amid Criticism, Suze Orman Defends Her New Prepaid Debit Card

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Orman on defense (Image: Getty)

In a recent interview with Shartia Brantley of and CNBC, financial guru Suze Orman defended her “Approved Prepaid Mastercard,” one that she has called a “game changer.” Endorsers from Kim Kardashian to Lil’ Wayne to Russell Simmons have all taken heat in the past for endorsing prepaid cards and targeting the less than “creditworthy” community. As Brantley writes, “launching a prepaid debit card that bears her name has brought an onslaught of criticism for Ms. Orman. Critics say she is held to a higher standard than other celebrities who have endorsed or placed prepaid debit and credit cards on the market.”

See Orman’s video with below as she discusses why she launched The Approved card and responds to her critics.