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Wayne Brady Celebrates Financial Literacy Month With Spirit Of Generosity

Wayne Brady is celebrating Financial Literacy Month by teaming up with Chime for its "Pay Progress Forward" campaign.

Actor, singer, and entertainer Wayne Brady is celebrating Financial Literacy Month by teaming up with Chime for its “Pay Progress Forward” campaign where he explores the relationship between financial well-being and the spirit of generosity.

The new video series shows the Emmy Award-winning Let’s Make A Deal host sitting down with five people who are tested to either double their money or pay it forward. The individuals then meet with a financial educator who helps them determine how much they need to unlock financial progress in their life.

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Speaking with BLACK ENTERPRISE, Brady got candid about his personal finance journey and how his grandmother inspired him to always be rooted in gratitude. Brady was able to learn financial lessons early in life as an aspiring entertainer and later as an accomplished entrepreneur.

“My grandmother taught me all about generosity. Even when you feel that you may not have, there’s always someone who is not as well off as you,” Brady explains. “You may only have 15 cents, somebody may only have three cents, and if you’ve got three cents, that there’s somebody with nothing, that there’s always a way to help.

“I think I got that from her,” he adds. “And in terms of my journey to being money literate, that’s a journey. When you don’t grow up with it, you may not understand the value. I think sometimes it takes a journey of not having it, knowing that you need to work hard for it, you save it, you know where it comes from.”

It was one act of generosity from his grandmother, giving him a $200 suit, which unlocked a future of financial freedom for the Who’s Line Is It, Anyway? star. Brady was in the early stages of his career in Los Angeles and received an opportunity to sing in Japan. But Brady had just gotten his car repossessed and was in the process of being evicted from his apartment.

“In the six months that I would be there, I would come back with enough money to be able to make a down payment on a place, to get a new car, to help my grandmother out,” he said. “All I needed was I needed a tux and money to make copies of my sheet music. And when I say that I had nothing, I had nothing. My grandmother took her last $200 and invested in me. She made an investment.”

Brady was able to pay his grandmother and then some.

Press play below for the full interview on Wayne Brady’s work with Chime’s “Pay Progress Forward,” where Brady share tips for someone looking to strike a balance between generosity and financial progress in their own life and teases a few of his upcoming projects.

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