‘Welcome to Sweetie Pies’ Ms. Robbie Montgomery Sues YouTubers for Claims She Had a Hand In Murder-For-Hire Plot Against Grandson

‘Welcome to Sweetie Pies’ Ms. Robbie Montgomery Sues YouTubers for Claims She Had a Hand In Murder-For-Hire Plot Against Grandson

These days, Ms. Robbie Montgomery’s got 99 problems, and her son Tim Norman is definitely one.

What the 82-year-old restauranteur doesn’t need are two more problems — that ultimately landed in her lap last week.

Youtuber Phyllis Flint and Shanice Coty sounded off and made baseless claims that Montgomery had a seedy past as a former dancer for Ike and Tina Turner and allegedly took part in a murder-for-hire plot against her grandson.

The St. Louis Dispatch reports that Montgomery filed a defamation lawsuit against Flint and Coty, who accused her of having a hand in the murder-for-hire plot against her grandson Andre Montgomery Jr. that her son Tim — and two other perpetrators — have been arrested and charged for.

According to the suit they claim the Youtubers asserted that Montgomery had a “promiscuous and adulterous sex life,” in her heyday as a backup Ikette dancer. The outlet also reports that the duo accused Montgomery of “crimes related to her grandson’s death, including murder and being an accessory to murder.”

The shocking claims were made on the show “Eat with Phylly Phyl Talk Show & More,” titled “SWEETIE PIE’S TIM NORMAN’S FATHER BEST FRIEND WIFE CALLS & GIVES TEA ON THE FAMILY,” but the video has since been taken down.

As BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported, Montgomery’s had a tough past several years with unthinkable tragedies — including the death of her 21-year-old grandson, Andre and the arrest of her son, Tim Norman, in connection with Montgomery’s murder.

Two out of four co-defendants accused of murdering the grandson of the Sweetie Pie’s restaurant owner entered a guilty plea for their participation in the murder-for-hire scheme, according to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Terica Ellis, an exotic dancer, and Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam, a former producer of hip hop star Nelly, pleaded guilty in federal court to plotting to commit murder-for-hire in the killing of reality TV star Andre Montgomery Jr, 21, on March 14, 2016, outside a residential recording studio where Montgomery was laying tracks.

According to investigators and prosecutors, Tim Norman, Andre Montgomery’s uncle, with the help of Yaghnam, an insurance agent, was issued a $450,000 life insurance policy on Montgomery in 2014, naming Norman as the sole beneficiary. Ellis, reportedly, coaxed Montgomery to a location where he was ambushed and shot, according to reports.

But Ms. Robbie is not facing her 80s — and these issues — lying down. The octogenarian is standing and singing and pressing the case to clear her name.

In the suit, Montgomery claims the video damaged her reputation and resulted in an “exponential increase” in YouTube views. The suit also makes claims that the comments were “wanton,” “malicious” and “tended to expose plaintiff to hatred, contempt and/or ridicule.”

Since the lawsuit took flight, Flint jumped online and recorded a video in response to Montgomery’s lawsuit and stood her ground about the claims.

“It’s not the first *ssh*le who’s tried to take me out on YouTube,” she said while eating lunch.