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Wendy Williams Gets Candid About Money Woes, Health, And Alcohol Issues In New Documentary Trailer

A new documentary trailer has given fans an update on Wendy Williams' health and the struggles that could be hindering her potential return to television.

A new documentary trailer has given fans an update on Wendy Williams’ health and the struggles that could be hindering her potential return to television.

On Thursday, February 1, Lifetime released the official trailer for Where Is Wendy Williams? a new two-part documentary that shows the famed talk-show host breaking her silence following her abrupt exit from daytime television in 2021.

“Since I was six years old, all I wanted was to be famous,” Wendy says in a voice-over at the opening of the trailer.

It shows Wendy in her makeup chair, arriving at her former talk show, and greeting screaming fans. Another voice explains how Wendy became a consistent figure in “their living rooms every single day for 12 years.”

However, despite being at the “peak of her career,” Wendy disappeared from the limelight and spent months with her show rotating guest hosts before producers decided to pull the plug in June 2022.

Later shots show Wendy in a radio interview where she says “All I know is how to be famous,” before another scene shows the former radio personality turned talk show host needing help to walk.

“I want to be back on television,” she says in another clip, before her son starts to open up about her health.

“My mom has done a great job making it seem like everything is OK always, but in reality there’s something wrong going on,” he admits.

Another clip shows a producer asking Wendy if she’s “seen a neurologist,” to which she replies, “To find out if I’m crazy? Mhmm.” Other scenes show Wendy needing assistance to move around the set before a family member reveals the guardian she was given after seeing a judge.

“That was when they took her away from us,” the family member says.

Wendy, who executive produced the documentary, then looks to the camera while addressing her financial woes.

“I have no money, ” she says. “And let me tell you something, if it happens to me, it can happen to you.”

Another clip shows Wendy being confronted about her alcohol issues, with a member of her team coming into her room and grabbing an empty bottle of vodka while asking “Did you drink this whole thing today?” Wendy stares at the person and demands them to “Keep the bottle there!”

Her son returns and expresses his concern for his mother to focus on her health rather than focusing on a return to television.

“My mom, she always talks about how she wants to work, but I feel as though she’s worked enough,” Kevin Jr. says. “She has people around her that are ‘yes people’ and allowing this to continue.”

Following the trailer’s release, Wendy returned to Instagram via an Instagram Story photo showing her seated in front of a library of books.

“Welcome Everyone,” she captioned the post. The photo was shared to The Wendy Experience Instagram page, the long-awaited podcast that she’s been teasing since her show was canceled nearly two years ago.

In March 2023, Wendy’s publicist claimed the podcast was still a go, despite earlier reports claiming it was canceled.

“We are still working behind the scenes on several projects. There has been no official cancellation of the podcast,” Shawn Zanotti told Page Six at the time.

It remains unclear if Wendy’s latest social media post is a tease of what’s to come from her new podcast. With everything that’s going on in Hollywood, Wendy’s presence is most definitely missed.