Wendy Williams Show Reportedly Making A Return Thanks to CNN

There are new murmurings about the possible return of “The Wendy Williams Show” and this time, a major network might get involved.

According to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” CNN is looking to revamp its television content from polarizing and controversial news topics to more general news that resonates with wider audiences. As primetime ratings for the network plummet, via NY Post, CNN is allegedly looking to work with Wendy on a possible reboot.

“The world is going to be in a better place once Wendy Williams comes back,” Gary With Tha T said. “According to people close to Wendy, CNN is looking at Wendy Williams.”

The two are reportedly in talks to have a new daily talk show amid CNN’s onboarding of a “slate of new shows coming this Fall” including one with Gayle King and another with NBA star Charles Barkley, Gary explained.

“It’s being reported that the network approached Wendy Williams team and they’re exploring a potential reboot of Wendy Williams talk show on the new network,” Gary said.

With Don Lemon’s removal, there’s an open opportunity for their primetime slot. Fans have remained hopeful about the possible return of Wendy’s talk show after it was canceled last year and replaced with the “Sherri Shepard Show.”

In the time since Wendy’s show was canceled, there have been growing concerns surrounding her health which was said to be the reason behind her daytime talk show getting canceled, via E!. Wendy had been teasing her return in the form of a podcast dubbed “The Wendy Williams Experience” but her brief promos were often plagued with concerns from fans speculating about her health.

Last month, insiders confirmed the highly-anticipated podcast was canceled before it even launched due to Wendy’s health, The Sun reports.

“It’s strange, because she is saying there is no podcast, but is also telling people she’s going to return to TV,” a source said. “It’s hard to figure out what is based in reality.”

Hopefully, the latest reports are a reality and not just more hearsay. Wendy left a community of fans sad about her departure and hopeful for her return. But her health will ultimately be the deciding factor.

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