White Woman Claimed She ‘Feared For Her Life’ While Black Volunteers Passed Out Water During 2020 Election

White Woman Claimed She ‘Feared For Her Life’ While Black Volunteers Passed Out Water During 2020 Election

Another day, another Karen on the loose.

This time in Albany, GA, where a white woman claimed she was “intimidated” when she pulled up to her voting location back in 2020. The Daily Beast reported Sarah Webster said, “I was completely, absolutely in horror when I pulled up to the polls,” and saw voters wearing “Black Votes Matter” shirts and handing out bottles of water. So, she felt the need to protect herself by bringing a gun within 150 feet of a voting poll – a crime for Georgia residents.

Witnesses said the assailant was making odd remarks to volunteers, saying, “Communism is great until you have to cook your puppy for dinner.” Webster claimed she was in “fear for her life” as hip-hop music played and the arguing escalated. She is now under investigation after an unanimous vote by the state’s election board.

According to GPB News, during the board hearing, Webster took the floor to compare members affiliated with Black Voters Matter group to armed Black Panther Party members. “I remember the Black Panthers that stood in front of the polling place with their guns, that’s how I felt when I pulled up to vote in Albany, Ga.,” Webster said. “That’s what I felt. 71 years old, I don’t run as fast as I used to, and I was totally intimidated. I’m still intimidated and shaking.”

She also accused the state election board of covering up election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Demetrius Young, a present volunteer, told the board her claims are far from the truth. Young said there was never any illegal campaigning and his group was simply being targeted. Webster was even one of the voters to receive water from them. “I spoke to Ms. Webster and explained to her what we were doing,” Young said, as reported by GPB News. “I was simply trying to help people who were in 90-degree heat, standing in line for six hours trying to cast their vote, many of them passing out on the sidewalk.”

After waiting two years, GPB News reported the board found no wrongdoing by the Black Voters Matter group.