Young Sister-Duo Launch New Social Justice Platform on the Heels of Blackout Tuesday to Ignite Change
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Young Sister-Duo Launch New Social Justice Platform on the Heels of Blackout Tuesday to Ignite Change


Justice and Nia Faith are similar to any other pair of sisters: they’re involved in extracurricular activities, spend time with friends and look for ways to give back to their communities. However, these young entrepreneurs have something extraordinary up their sleeves that will create cultural change on a grand scale.

Today, Révolutionnaire, the Faith sisters’ lifestyle and apparel brand dedicated to diversity, announced a new social justice platform in the hopes of empowering young activists and changemakers. Launching on the heels of the first anniversary of Black Out Tuesday, Révolutionnaire serves as an easy-to-use social network for activists as well as everyday citizens to get involved with a variety of causes.

Révolutionnaire was originally introduced as an inclusive dance apparel brand that empowered all to celebrate the skin they’re in. “Révolutionnaire was inspired by my journey as a Black ballerina where I did not have access to dance apparel that matched my skin tone,” said Nia Faith, CEO & Co-Founder of Révolutionnaire. “I watched my peers purchase tights, shoes and accessories with ease while I spent extra time and money dyeing mine to match my skin tone. I launched Révolutionnaire as an inclusive apparel and accessories brand to celebrate athletes of color.”

After seeing Révolutionnaire’s incredible impact made within the dance community, Nia joined forces with her sister Justice to transform the brand into a larger movement. During a time where it can be difficult to know where to start, Justice and Nia created the networking platform to provide an easy way for anyone to learn, connect and get involved. “After seeing how Nia made the dance world a better place, I asked myself what it would look like if more young people had the tools to make their dreams a reality and drive impact across social causes,” said Justice Faith, Co-Founder of Révolutionnaire. “Today, we’ve built Révolutionnaire into a social network for changemakers and have a collection of apparel and accessories that celebrate diversity.”

Révolutionnaire’s new social justice platform aims to inspire all to fuel their dreams into revolutions by providing key collaborative and educational resources surrounding important cultural topics. The all-encompassing hub aims to propel a generation of changemakers by equipping them with the tools, information, and community they need to accelerate and amplify their impact.

“Révolutionnaire is built to make education and action accessible, engaging, and rewarding,” said Nia. “We have taken a traditionally fragmented and intimidating experience and brought it in under one roof. From learning through our curated content hub with issue briefs and step-by-step guides to take action, we help those wanting to make a change every step of the way.”

RevolutionnaireJustice Faith (Left) and Nia Faith (Right)

With the new platform, Révolutionnaire will continue to carry out its mission to connect young changemakers with one another and empower them to take a stance. Justice and Nia plan to continue building upon the platform to further ignite impact surrounding today’s important issues. “It is so important to find your people and your community,” said Justice. “Fulfilling the big dreams we have for ourselves and the world requires hard work and dedication, but you are not in this alone. We can move faster and be stronger, when we move forward together.”