YouTube Star Colleen Ballinger Dragged For Performing Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ In Blackface

YouTube Star Colleen Ballinger Dragged For Performing Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ In Blackface

The past is catching up with YouTube comedian Colleen Ballinger.

After being accused of grooming underage fans, the YouTuber is now being accused of racism after a video of her singing Beyoncé’s hit single “Single Ladies” in blackface has resurfaced, TMZ reports. The timing of the video is currently unclear; however, as fans investigate, they believe it was between 2017 and 2018. Comments left under the unlisted clip reveal the video was an exclusive sneak peek for fans who purchased Ballinger’s book, My Diarrhe.

Ballinger is seen in a black leotard, with what looks like white underwear underneath, singing off-key to the song. Her face appears to have paint smeared on it that some speculate is green, while awkwardly dancing barefoot onstage with two backup singers.

Another social media influencer, Paige Christie, posted the video and wrote in the caption, “I’m gonna need someone to explain the black on her face …” Spectators said regardless of what color the paint seen on her face is, it’s still inappropriate.

Known for her viral character Miranda Sings, this isn’t the first time Ballinger has been caught in racist firestorms. According to NBC News, text messages reappeared where the YouTuber made fun of a Black actor auditioning for her 2016 Netflix show, Haters Back Off, allegedly asking, “WHERE IS HE?” in referencing the man’s very dark skin being bad for lighting.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Miranda Sings star apologized after a video of her and her sister pretending to be Latinx women resurfaced. She claimed she erased the video because she didn’t want anyone to get hurt. “It is not funny, and it is completely hurtful. I am so ashamed and embarrassed that I ever thought this was okay,” Ballinger said after the video reappeared. “I was a sheltered teenager who was stupid and ignorant and clearly extremely culturally insensitive.”