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Add Punch to Your Portfolio

Investing heavyweight Wayne Weddington wants to teach you the hedge fund industry’s best defensive moves

Do you recall your mother’s advice about how a single piece of bad fruit doesn’t…

By James A. Anderson

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Not Quite a Bull’s-eye

Target-date funds make investing easy, but they sometimes miss the mark

Imagine an investment that magically adjusts itself over time to reflect your financial needs—as you…

By Dale Coachman

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Make Lemonade From Lemons

Turn your investment losses into a sweet tax-time advantage

Don’t feel too bad if your basket of stocks and mutual funds turned sour last…

By Donald Jay Korn

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6. I Will Devise an Investment Plan for My Retirement Needs and Childrens’ Education

The reality is that your chances of building wealth are optimized when you invest. It…

By Carolyn M. Brown

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Should African Americans Invest in Stocks to Make Obama ‘Look Good?’

In a recent blog, I mentioned a rather provocative question we received from Craig Farmer,…

By John Simons

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Lean on Me

In the face of deep market losses, financial planners and advisers are becoming grief counselors of sorts. What they’re telling their clients could help you.

David Jackson knows just how much the stock market’s cascading losses have shaken some investors.…

By Steve Garmhausen

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Not Easy Being Green

Like virtually every investment tied to the stock market, so-called green mutual funds saw red…

By James A. Anderson

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Women & Money: Books and Web Resources for Investment Success

Read up on how to best invest your time and money

Savvy money management skills are a necessity to weather these tough economic times. BlackEnterprise.com has…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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Field of Dreams

Far from the NFL gridiron of his past, Eugene Profit still outsmarts—and outhustles—his competitors.

By James A. Anderson

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How to Close the Deal in a Sinking Economy

Ways to attract new clients, maximize your profitability

handshakeNearly everyone is cutting back on expenses these days. For small business owners, that…

By Margarette Burnette

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The King of Commercial Real Estate

Victor MacFarlane reigns supreme in America’s gateway cities.

By Alan Hughes

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Know Your History

Doug White is no investing novice. An entrepreneur whose 7-year-old company sells and services Apple computers  small and mid-sized businesses, White understands that markets don’t always…

By Ilana Polyak

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Industrial Revolution

Lessons from the past illustrate why it's unwise to pull out of a bear market

Charles Darwin might have found something to like about today’s industrials. That’s because the most…

By James A. Anderson

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Can Blacks Build Wealth and Remain Charitable?

Study shows that affluent blacks make giving a priority

The Northern Trust Corp. questioned affluent blacks about their giving habits and published their findings…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Now Is the Time for Intelligent Investing

Americans today are weathering the brutal gale winds of a perfect storm—the collapse of…

By Earl "Butch" Graves Jr.

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Stock Conversion Offers Tax-Free Rebound

Capital losses can be a not-so-bad alternative when stocks decline

If you take losses in a tax-deferred account such as an IRA, you won’t get…

By Donald Jay Korn

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The Weekly Market Preview — 1/14/08

The Fall of the Titans

The moment of truth has arrived. Most of us in the investment community are looking…

By William E. Thompson

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The Weekly Market Preview — 1/8/2008

All eyes on Fed Chairman Speech this Thursday

This week, I don’t think we’ll see any news or economic data that will help…

By William E. Thompson

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Last Week in Brief — 1/4/2008

Key departures and financial woes rock institutions

Key departures and financial woes rock institutions

By Ann Brown

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A Click in the Right Direction

Website teaches youth financial literacy

“There are just too many kids out there who are trying for that easy dollar,…

By Nicole Norfleet

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