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Not Easy Being Green

Like virtually every investment tied to the stock market, so-called green mutual funds saw red…

By James A. Anderson

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Women & Money: Books and Web Resources for Investment Success

Read up on how to best invest your time and money

Savvy money management skills are a necessity to weather these tough economic times. BlackEnterprise.com has…

By BlackEnterprise.com

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Field of Dreams

Far from the NFL gridiron of his past, Eugene Profit still outsmarts—and outhustles—his competitors.

By James A. Anderson

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How to Close the Deal in a Sinking Economy

Ways to attract new clients, maximize your profitability

handshakeNearly everyone is cutting back on expenses these days. For small business owners, that…

By Margarette Burnette

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The King of Commercial Real Estate

Victor MacFarlane reigns supreme in America’s gateway cities.

By Alan Hughes

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Know Your History

Doug White is no investing novice. An entrepreneur whose 7-year-old company sells and services Apple computers  small and mid-sized businesses, White understands that markets don’t always…

By Ilana Polyak

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Industrial Revolution

Lessons from the past illustrate why it's unwise to pull out of a bear market

Charles Darwin might have found something to like about today’s industrials. That’s because the most…

By James A. Anderson

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Can Blacks Build Wealth and Remain Charitable?

Study shows that affluent blacks make giving a priority

The Northern Trust Corp. questioned affluent blacks about their giving habits and published their findings…

By Marcia Wade Talbert

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Now Is the Time for Intelligent Investing

Americans today are weathering the brutal gale winds of a perfect storm—the collapse of…

By Earl "Butch" Graves Jr.

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Stock Conversion Offers Tax-Free Rebound

Capital losses can be a not-so-bad alternative when stocks decline

If you take losses in a tax-deferred account such as an IRA, you won’t get…

By Donald Jay Korn

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The Weekly Market Preview — 1/14/08

The Fall of the Titans

The moment of truth has arrived. Most of us in the investment community are looking…

By William E. Thompson

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The Weekly Market Preview — 1/8/2008

All eyes on Fed Chairman Speech this Thursday

This week, I don’t think we’ll see any news or economic data that will help…

By William E. Thompson

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Last Week in Brief — 1/4/2008

Key departures and financial woes rock institutions

Key departures and financial woes rock institutions

By Ann Brown

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A Click in the Right Direction

Website teaches youth financial literacy

“There are just too many kids out there who are trying for that easy dollar,…

By Nicole Norfleet

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