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7 Apps to Help Army Personnel and their Families

Resources to help active military members and their loved ones

There are several apps available at your fingertips for army soldiers looking for base relocation…

By Kandia Johnson

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[WATCH] Syracuse University Named One of the Top Business Schools For Veterans

The school offers flexible educational programs for military veterans

Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management, earned a top spot in the Military Times, 2015…

By Kandia Johnson

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What Employers Should Know About the Difference Between Millennials and Generation Z

Insights on how incoming young professionals define career success

New survey highlights the difference and similarities between what millennials view as career success versus…

By Courtney Connley

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6 Former BE Kidpreneur and Teenpreneur Attendees Discuss the Importance of Teaching Youth Entrepreneurship

Teenpreneurs reflect on lessons learned and impact of entrepreneurship workshops

Entrepreneurship is arguably the crux of wealth-building, but too often, particularly in the black community,…

By Christine Edmond

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10 Ways to Honor Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day

Holiday events across the US to honor the brave men and women

Memorial Day is much more than the unofficial start to summer; it’s a day of…

By Kandia Johnson

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4 Career Building Tips for College Students on Summer Break

Tips for helping college students be better prepared for the workforce

Tips and advice to help college students get ahead in their career.

By Courtney Connley

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Ray Rice’s Domestic Violence Case Has Been Dismissed

The reinstated former Baltimore Ravens running back is free of his domestic violence charges, but still without a team for next season

Rice has been free to sign with a team since his reinstatement but so far…

By Michael Tolbert

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4 Things Every College Grad Should Know About Student Loan Repayment

NFCC offers low- or no-cost debt repayment advice to recent grads

These 4 tips from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling help college grads get ahead…

By Black Enterprise

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[STUDY] School Smartphone Bans Boost Students’ Test Scores

Low-achieving students raised scores 14.23% after smartphones were banned from the classroom

A new study conducted in the UK says keeping smartphones out of the classroom may…

By Joel Lyons

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4 Vital Tips on Cancer Prevention

Dr. Tia D. Olds details ways to live healthy

Dr. Tia D. Olds shares some facts and tips about cancer as well as preventive…

By Yvelette Stines

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Tips for Landing an Internship Last Minute

Keys for procrastinators to gain academically beneficial summer employment

Tips to locking in a last minute internship.

By Brittany Dandy

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Employers to Offer More Better Paying Jobs this Summer

Survey shows 53 percent of employers will have summer job openings paying at least $15 an hour

Results from Harris Poll show that employers are looking to offer more better paying jobs…

By Courtney Connley

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An Estimated 75 Percent of Workers World Wide Are Employed on a Temporary Basis

Report shows the job insecurity is felt by millions worldwide

Report from the International Labour Organization shows an estimated 75 percent of workers globally are…

By Courtney Connley

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Play Essential to Early Learning

Trend toward formal preschool education may be harmful, studies show

According to a study published online, preschool children in day care centers need more physical…

By Black Enterprise

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5 Ways to Maintain Work-Life Balance as a Solopreneur

Mom and entrepreneur Alex Elle shares how she recharges and remains creative

Mom and serial entrepreneur Alex Elle shares 5 tips to recharge and maintain creative.

By Brittany Dandy

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Emotionally Intelligent

The Big Career Mistake That’s Causing Recent Grads to Miss Out on Income

Survey shows only 38 percent of millennials negotiate their salary

A recent survey by NerdWallet says that only 38 percent of recent college graduates negotiate…

By Courtney Connley

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Entrepreneur Dedicates Small Business to Children Obtaining Job Skills

Darlene Alston provides hands on work experience and a place for teens to grow

Entrepreneur Darlene Alston provides teens with hands on work experience in her quaint vintage tea…

By Brittany Dandy

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Best Internships Turned Full-Time Jobs for MBA Students

The top industries that convert MBA interns to full-time employees

LinkedIn releases a report that shows the top industries that are likely to convert MBA…

By Courtney Connley

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BE Modern Man: Top 5 Apps to Get Your Money Up

Stay on top of managing your money without the hefty fee of a financial planner

Stay on top of managing your money with these five smartphone apps—without the hefty fee…

By Cristie Leondis

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Hot Summer Reads: Top Picks On the U.S. Army

Books to help you understand the Army's history, strategy and overall environment

Whether you’re considering a career in the U.S. Army or an active service member, there…

By Kandia Johnson

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How To


“The only woman in the room” & how to change that by 2186

With passionate voices working every day to redefine the standard for gender equality, I believe…

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Ask Sheree: How to Manage an Overload of Work

It is very common for a busy professional to feel overwhelmed with their job commitments…

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