27 Tips On How To Hustle Smarter Not Harder 

If you're trying to take your business to the next level as an entrepreneur or small business owner, get ready to take notes and reevaluate your hustle.

Originally Published Nov. 13, 2018

Ramon Ray, founder and editor of Smart Hustle magazine hosted the 13th Annual Smart Hustle Small Business Conference at the New York Institute of Technology in New York City. More than 250 entrepreneurs and small business owners attended to learn how they could take their business to the next level.

Throughout the day, attendees learned how to create a 15-second pitch to increase sales with pitch consultant and founder of The Pitch Girl Laura Allen and Adrian Miller of Adrian Miller Sales Training & Adrian’s Network. They got insights from Salesforce on how to build meaningful relationship with customers to experience more growth and success. There was also a session led by author and entrepreneur Roberto Blake on how to convert video marketing into sales. Eighteen-time best-selling author Seth Godin’s mastermind class saw attendees receiving honest feedback on their business challenges, products, and services. Attendees also learned what it takes to hustle with their hearts from Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at Vayner Media.

The event was full of networking and celebration as 21 entrepreneurs received recognition and awards for their contributions. BLACK ENTERPRISE‘s very own Alfred A. Edmond Jr., SVP/Executive Editor-at-Large, won Entrepreneur of the Year!

The day was filled with so many learning opportunities, tips, and advice—so much so, we gathered the best of it so you, too, can level up. Take a look at all of the gems that were dropped during the event:

Hustle Smart

Laura Allen:

“Have a pitch for every niche. It allows you to be seen as an expert for each of the areas.”

Ramon Ray:

“Be persistent. You’ll be knocked down, go down, but get back up again.”

“Always be learning and connecting with other people.”

“Always hustle smart.”

Adrian Miller:

“Look at objections and pushback as someone saying, ‘Tell me more’.”

“Be known as a people connector who is proactive.”

“Everything is not about you.”

Seth Godin:

“If you lower the price of what you do, you’re telling people a story. You’re telling them not to embrace what you offer.”

“If you have attention and trust, please don’t waste it.”

“Fear is super effective …. What you can do is dance with and welcome the fear.”

“Thank fear for letting you know that something is important. If you use it as a compass, it allows you do more.”

“Get better clients. They pay better; they push you to do better work; they brag about you; and they’ll get you better clients.”

“Be in a space that gives you permission to talk about what you do.”

“Be a meaningful specific, not a wandering generality.”

“No one cares about authenticity; they care about consistency.”

“Tension is a good thing.”

Claude Silver:

“Feedback is a form of caring.”

“Connection breeds trust.”

“Side hustles unlock creativity and curiosity.”

Roberto Blake:

“Always be creating.”

“An educated buyer is a better buyer.”

“Consistency is important, but never at the expense of context.”

Relationship Insights from Salesforce

Create an ego-free experience.

Be transparent and trustworthy.

Intensely personalize your service to create a unique customer experience.

Create a feeling of community.

Find ways to get authentic feedback.

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