NBA 2K Adds LeBron Era To MyEras Mode

NBA 2K Adds LeBron Era To MyEras Mode

On Oct. 22, 2K Sports announced the arrival of new features in various game modes for its upcoming iteration of NBA 2K24. In the latest Courtside Report, fans were treated with news of a fifth NBA era, the LeBron Era. Set preceding the 2010 season, the game presents players with the option to take control of the “Heatles” or try and prevent their rise.

Prime LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade created a superteam that year and won two championships together.

According to the Courtside Report: “Thanks to LeBron’s televised decision—which nearly 10 million U.S. viewers anxiously watched—the 2010s kicked off dramatically, as the kid from Akron, Ohio, left his hometown team to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to create the next superteam. Take control of the Miami Heat’s Big Three or dash their title hopes by leading another NBA franchise to glory.”

 In addition to this new era, notable players in the periods will age dynamically. This means that players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant will change their appearance over time. Kobe will go from rocking his ’fro in 2000 to the close-cut look in 2010 as the years go by, similar to how NBA 2K23’s court and jersey changes functioned.

The presentation of eras will also change; instead of websites throughout the years, newspapers will recap games in the 1980s and up until the late 1990s, replacing them with era-specific internet box scores. The game also introduces a new MyEras Lite mode, designed to quickly get you into the action with fewer boxes to check and fewer actions to perform. Scouting? Gone. CBA trade restrictions? Non-existent. It’s all about the ability to build your team with less technical aspects of the game getting in the way.




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In the MyNBA Online mode, users have the added capability to define roles for members of their league. If you want someone to be responsible for jersey changes, timers, gameplay sliders, player attributes, player appearances, or vetoing trades and rule changes, you can individually assign those roles. 

In MyEras, the game comes set with the newest CBA rules. 

That means luxury tax brackets scale with the salary cap, no more than a 10% increase in the hard cap every year, increased value from mid-level exception contracts, an additional two-way contract slot, restricted free agent qualifying offers increased by 10%, the RFA right of refusal period is now 24 hours, rookie scale extensions last five years, teams can sign second-round picks at any point, teams can have as many Supermax contracts as their salary cap will allow and the All-NBA teams are positionless. These improvements are only available on next-gen consoles, but current-gen players can still play My League. NBA 2K24 will be released for all platforms on Sept. 8, 2023.

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