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These 5 Black-Owned Sunscreen Brands Are Protecting Melanin Skin

In anticipation of the summer, “We outside!” has been emphatically stated in conversations and across social media – and rightfully so, since the weather is ideal for being outdoors.

The daytime lasts longer and sunshine is the perfect source for vitamin D. Even though Black and brown skin is highly-pigmented, Black folks have to be hyper-aware that long periods in the sun can and will cause harm to our melanated skin.

According to the National Library of Medicine:

“Black skin can warm, burn and peel when exposed to the sun.” 

Extended sessions in the sun cause sunburn, early skin aging and risks for skin cancer, affecting the darkest to fairest skin complexions. Sun damage should also be a major concern for the Black demographic,  particularly men. BLACK ENTERPRISE recently covered that research revealed melanoma to be more deadly in Black men. Thus, having a layer of protection from harmful sun rays while enjoying sunshine is key. Here are five Black-owned sunscreens brands to help melanated skin stay safe in the sun during the summertime and all year around.

1) Eleven’s Game. Set. Match.

Game. Set. Match, by tennis legend Venus Williams, is a lightweight sunscreen lotion that can be worn all day and is for all skin types.  It is sheer, so your skin will absorb the lotion right away, without any residue or white cast buildup. Game. Set. Match body lotion not only protects your skin from the sun, it also hydrates, and retails for $38.00


2) Buttah Tinted Mineral Facial Sunscreen 

Buttah,  by actor and TV personality Dorion Renaud, offers a Tinted Mineral Facial Sunscreen that can be described as gentle. This sunscreen brand is absent of flavorings, parabens and chemicals. The Tinted Mineral Facial Sunscreen differs from those with chemicals because the minerals deflect light from the sun rather than absorbing it.



3) Black Girl Sunscreen 

Black Girl Sunscreen was created by Shontay Lundy, who saw how sunscreens seemed to be specialized for lighter skin because of the white residue left behind, and how uneven makeup would look on top of sunscreen. Black Girl Sunscreen is made for women with melanated skin in mind. It dries clear and protects skin from harmful sun rays. 


4) AbsoluteJoi


This mineral sunscreen is a sunscreen where women of color don’t have to compromise the health of their skin. AbsoluteJoi was founded and created by Dr. Anne Beal. The mineral sunscreen is super hydrating for sensitive skin without clogging pores. With ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, and vitamin C, AbsoluteJoi not only soothes the skin but adds a brightening glow.


5) Fenty Skin 



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Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty has made the Fenty skincare line a household name. Fenty Skin’s Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer is a vegan sunscreen that is gluten free. This sunscreen is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants such as kalahari melon and niacinamide that not only moisturizes and hydrate the skin, but also aid in smoothing pores and fading dark spots. It also is packaged in a refillable bottle.



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