50 Cent Facing Criminal Battery Charges After Accidentally Striking Woman With A Mic

50 Cent is the subject of a felony battery charge in Los Angeles after he tossed a microphone that accidentally struck a woman in the head.

The G-Unit rapper was performing at the Crypto.com Arena on Tuesday, Aug. 29 as part of his “Final Lap” tour when he welcomed special guest YG, TMZ reports. The California rapper was performing a song that 50 wanted to join in on but was repeatedly handed mics that didn’t work.

That’s when a video shows 50 having an entire Cardi B moment and chucking a microphone toward the audio team, which ended up hitting a woman. The victim happened to be Power 106 radio host, Bryhana Monegain who believes she was purposely hit.

Monegain filed a police report later that night and said 50 looked directly at her when he hurled the microphone her way. Photos shared by The Neighborhood Talk show Monegain with a deep bloody gash in the center of her face.

She was taken to a hospital where she was treated for a serious wound. While 50 is typically very outspoken on social media, he has yet to address the encounter that landed him with criminal charges.

Sources say 50 did not intentionally hit the woman, but she feels otherwise. Another source claims that Monegain wasn’t supposed to be standing in the restricted area.

Onlookers are encouraging Monegain to file a lawsuit against 50 for the injury that looks like it could leave a lifelong scar.

“Sue him like he sues everyone else. And make sure you collect ALL YOUR MONEY,” one person wrote.

Others demanded artists and fans to stop throwing items at live shows. This comes one month after Cardi B threw a mic at a fan in Las Vegas after the fan threw a cup of water at her.

“Can we just stop throwing things at people altogether????” the user asked.

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