‘Barbie’ Film Sparks Awareness Of Patriarchy In Workplace Among Black-American Men, Survey Finds

‘Barbie’ Film Sparks Awareness Of Patriarchy In Workplace Among Black-American Men, Survey Finds

Reportedly on pace to become the nation’s highest grossing film this year, Barbie is sinking in with Black-American men.

Some 65% of them declare the film boosted their awareness of patriarchy in the workplace. That number nearly mirrors the 63% of American men overall surveyed who hold that sentiment. The findings are from a ResumeBuilder.com survey of 300 Americans who have seen the movie. The report examined how the film impacted viewers’ opinions related to gender issues in their workplace.

For Blacks, 69% say the film improved their opinion of women in leadership positions; the same percentage of respondents reported it led to self-reflection. Some 56% of Black viewers affirm the motion picture improved their opinion of women in the work environment. Blacks made up 12% of those surveyed.

The report coincidentally was revealed after the legendary late Madam C.J. Walker was introduced into Mattel’s Barbie Signature Inspiring Women collection. Barbie also plans to introduce this year a doll honoring civil rights activist, journalist, and suffragette Ida B. Wells.

Barbie has reached $1 billion at the box office, Yahoo Entertainment reported.

Based on the survey,  94% of those polled said they had a favorable opinion of women in the workplace before checking out the film.

Some 81% of respondents said they are convinced patriarchy affects the workplace; 79% reported that the movie “definitely” or “somewhat” made them more aware of this issue. Some 77% of men believe patriarchy affects the workplace versus 84% of women. Yet,  82% of men who acknowledged patriarchy’s impact on the workplace said Barbie made them more aware of it compared to 76% of women.

Survey results showed 89% of viewers said the film was “very'”or “somewhat” inspiring. Some 62& of those questioned said the film led to self-reflection.

Men were slightly less likely to think patriarchy affects the workplace than women (77% vs. 84%). Still, men who believe patriarchy affects the work landscape were more likely than women to share the movie made them more aware of it (82% vs. 76%).

Younger viewers were also more probable to report that the patriarchy affects the workplace and that the movie increased their awareness level.

“By contrasting Barbieland’s initial perfect world with the discovery of male-dominated systems, the film subtly addresses the issue of patriarchy and its effects on women’s empowerment in both fictional and real settings,” co-founder and CEO of AIScreen Nikita Sherbina told ResumeBuilder.com.

Check out more details and comments on the survey here.

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