7 Ways to Maintain Your Workplace Wellness

7 Ways to Maintain Your Workplace Wellness

(Image: iStock.com/kieferpix)

Showing up to work is just half the battle, the other half lies on actually getting the work done–and doing it well. In order to do your work well, you must be well, in optimal condition. How do you acquire and maintain this condition given the stresses, germs, limitations, and habits that are standard in the workplace?

You must take the extra steps to ensure that you’re well in hopes of the work being a direct reflection of your being. Here’s what you need and what you can do:

1. Relax

You’re wondering how this is possible seeing as how you’re working, however, your mind and body deserve a minute (or 10) of relaxation. Allot 10 minutes of each workday, even if it is during your lunch break, to doing nothing. Simply be still: breathe, clear your headspace, meditate, refocus, rejuvenate, and get back to work.

2. Bach Flower Essences

Founded by British physician Dr. Edward Bach, Bach Flower Essences are safe, natural healing drops that can be applied directly to your tongue or in water, as needed, to gently restore the balance in the body and mind by ridding negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, worry and/or indecisiveness.

3. Water

Every cell in your body needs water in order to adequately function. Not only does your overall health rely on hydration, but it also combats fatigue, dizziness, helps provide energy, and promotes focus. Keep a bottle, or gallon, of water at your desk and sip throughout the day.

4. Plants

In addition to a nice plant adding new life (literally)to your workspace, it also reduces the dust and certain pollutants that may be lingering around your desk. As a bonus, plants offer a calming influence that can be beneficial in hectic working environments.

5. Desk exercises.

Many people have taken up the trend of standing at work as it is said that standing can be energizing and promotes focus. If you prefer to sit throughout the day, make use of your sitting position by stretching while seated, doing interval leg lifts under the desk, or even standing up for the occasional squat set. Seated doesn’t have to mean stationary or stiff.

6. Face mist

This is trending more and more in the workplace as workers are realizing how revitalizing a midday spritz can be. Some face mists restore your focus, while others restore your look, find what works for you and spray away.

7. Walk

Go outside and feel the temperature. Move your legs, take in the change of scenery, ignite your senses, breathe in some fresh air, get in this light exercise, loosen your limbs, recharge, then go back in and conquer your day.