A Devoted Love Story: After Louisiana Woman Conquers Cancer Twice, She Gets Married For The First Time At 73

A Devoted Love Story: After Louisiana Woman Conquers Cancer Twice, She Gets Married For The First Time At 73

For two-time cancer survivor, Audrey Parker Green, love has no age or limits. At 73, the resilient Louisiana woman got married for the first time to her true love.

Now, the 74-year-old and her husband, Allen Green, 75, want to inspire older individuals with their unique story and empower them to take the leap of faith in the name of love, according to PEOPLE.

“We just want to be voices for the people in their 60s, 70s,” said Allen. “Just go for it, because you don’t have to live alone in the last part of our years.”


“Keep your hands open, keep your heart opened,” Audrey advised, according to TODAY. “And somehow, some way, whatever it is that you desired, it will come. But don’t expect it to come the way you think it’s supposed to come. And above all, never, never give up in spite of the challenges.”

On the path to marriage, Audrey had expected to wed and have four children. But throughout her adult life, starting a family just didn’t come to fruition.

“I never wanted to marry very young, but I didn’t anticipate marrying this old either,” she told PEOPLE.

It wasn’t until 1996 when a divorced Allen gathered the courage to call Audrey who he remembered as a very beautiful and good person in high school.

“I said, ‘Let me take this chance,’” Allen recalled. But, at the time, Audrey didn’t show much interest.

As fate would have it, the pair reunited in November 1997 at an alumni event for Scottville High School.

“When I saw him, I said, ‘Oh my God. Here he comes,'” Audrey remembers. “If he didn’t speak to me, it would only be [us] and God that knew that he had ever tried to call me. That’s when he approached me and said, ‘Ms. Parker, I’m not letting you get away from me this easy this time.'”

For the next 20 years, Audrey and Allen’s relationship transitioned into a blossoming friendship, along with some phone romancing from Allen. Yet, the pair was hit with a lot of challenges, including her diagnosis with colon cancer in November 2002.

“I told him that if he couldn’t handle it, he could leave, and I wouldn’t hold it against him,” said Audrey, who had to move in with one of her sisters.

But Allen proved that he was in it, alongside Audrey, for the long haul.

Allen maintained his commitment, even after another set of unfortunate news. In October 2008, Audrey was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a double mastectomy.

“He was there with me when I was going through some tough times,” says Audrey. “When one person is sick, and another person is healthy, that’s hard on both parties.”

Last year, on Audrey’s birthday, Allen got on one knee and succeeded in wowing his woman. With a resounding yes to his proposal, the couple married just a few months later on July 16, 2021.

“I felt like the queen,” said Audrey. “I had a regular wedding like a 20 or 30-year-old person,” she says. “I was not cheated for anything.”

“We really enjoy each other,” Allen said. “We love each other, and we try to do the best for each other.”