Aaron Scott Talks Boot Camps and Cross Country Wine Runs

Aaron Scott Talks Boot Camps and Cross Country Wine Runs

Make no mistake about it, through vision, hard work, dedication and drive, Aaron Scott looks for new trails and then blazes them. As the Founder of AQS Fitness and The Ultimate Wine Run based in Corona, California, Fitness Expert and Serial Entrepreneur, Scott, without question runs his businesses on his own terms.

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As a NESTA Certified Adventure Boot Camp instructor and certified personal fitness trainer, Aaron brings over ten years of experience in the health and fitness industry and a passion for helping others pursue and achieve their goals while effectively leading them to a healthy and more fulfilling lifestyle. Active in fitness since age 10, he went on to play collegiate football in the state of Texas, at Angelo St. University as a student athlete. That path led him to also play professionally for two years in the Arena League. It was during that time, that Scott began to teach and train on strength and agility development to youth groups. This is where he discovered his passion for training.

BlackEnterprise.com had a chance to catch up with Aaron to talk about the dynamics of dual entrepreneurship.

BlackEnterprise.com: What inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship?
Scott: First and foremost to spend more time with my kids and be able to drop them off at school, attend sporting events, and essentially enjoy life. I’m blessed to have three beautiful daughters and everything I do is to ensure they have every opportunity to be successful in life. From the onset, I never liked being told what to do or being confined to a certain area. I always told myself that I wanted to ‘live to work’ and not ‘work to live.’ There is a big difference between the two. I wanted to find something I loved doing, and make a great income.

As a fitness guru, why did you decide to go into business?
Fitness has always been my passion. Once I realized that, I threw myself into training and building my brand and client base through boot camps. This allowed [me] to be my own boss and made me hold myself accountable to my visions and goals. After all, if it didn’t work I had nobody to blame but myself. I also wanted to challenge myself to really see what I was made of. It is one thing to say what you are made of, but it is another thing to go out there and do (prove to others, but most of all yourself.)

How do you help women (primarily) get results in fitness?
My strategy is creating mental toughness in that client. It all starts with the mind. I have a mantra in my program: the body will do whatever the mind tells it to,  so mental fortitude is a necessity. Another vital component is accountability; this is achieved by creating structured programs to accommodate all fitness levels.

How did you get into the business of wine runs, which is becoming wildly popular?
Once my boot camp business, started in 2009, was grounded and successful, I wanted to branch off into something new and exciting while producing another stream of income. I was already involved in the race industry with fitness, but wanted another challenge as an entrepreneur. From that came The Ultimate Wine Run. [I was] nervous when the opportunity arose, but I faced the fear head on. You have to be both fearless and hungry for success. Since 2014, this business has taken off in incredible ways and the revenue generation is definitely a game changer.

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