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‘Bathroom Police Karen’ Called Out For Reporting Black Woman Who Used Restroom In Office Building

A "bathroom Karen" gets put on blast for targeting a Black woman who used a restroom in an office building where they both work.

A dispute between two women working at a law firm in Buffalo, New York has gone viral after the white woman reported the Black woman for using the bathroom on a different floor.

In a TikTok shared by user Top_cat716, she records herself after leaving a bathroom in a building where she works. Standing in the hallway waiting to confront her about using the bathroom is a white woman who demands to know who her manager is.

“Can I ask who you report to so I can call the law firm?” the white woman asks.

The woman filming begins to ask the white woman why she appears to have an issue with her using the bathroom.

“Because you need to stay on your floor bathroom,” the white woman declares.

“Why do I have to stay on my floor? Because of what?” the Black employee fires back.


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The white woman then reveals her real issue with the Black woman using the bathroom on the floor she works on rather than the floor the Black woman works on.

“Why would you not stay on your floor?” the white woman asks.

“I can use whatever bathroom I want to use. This is the law firm where I work,” the Black woman says in response.

She continued recording the white woman as she stormed off, threatening to report the Black woman to security.

“Please contact security. I work here. You sound stupid,” the Black woman says.

Since posting the video, it’s been viewed over 1 million times with over 100,000 likes and 12,000 comments from viewers who support the Black woman’s rights to use the bathroom on any floor of the law firm she works for.

“Why is she the bathroom police,” one person wrote.

“I would go to the bathroom on that floor every day,” added someone else.

Another viewer likened the encounter to a scene from the movie Hidden Figures that highlighted the hurdles the Black women who worked for NASA in the 1960s had to face just to use the bathroom.

“It’s giving Hidden Figures,” they wrote.

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