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Beyoncé Celebrates Breaking Barriers And Elevating Black Country Artists With ‘Cowboy Carter’: ‘Thrilled My Fans Trusted Me’

'When you are breaking down barriers, not everyone is ready and open for a shift.'

Beyoncé shocked the world in a way that not even her fans anticipated when she dropped a full country album, “Cowboy Carter.” Although country radio tried to block her entry into the genre, the backlash from fans and the strength of the music forced their hand and catapulted “Queen Bey” to become the very first Black woman to hit the top spot (with “Texas Hold ‘Em”) on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She gave a statement acknowledging the barriers broken and achievements achieved by other country artists of color after she released her album.

When Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold ‘Em” was dethroned, a song released by an artist she featured on her “Cowboy Carter” project, Shaboozey had the distinction of taking that spot away from her. Her song went to No. 2 due to Shaboozey’s song, “A Bar Song (Typsy),” knocking her from the pinnacle. That feat was the first time in Billboard history that two Black artists held consecutive No. 1 hits.

“When you are breaking down barriers, not everyone is ready and open for a shift. But when I see Shaboozey tearing the charts up and all the beautiful female country singers flying to new heights, inspiring the world, that is exactly what motivates me,” Beyoncé told the media outlet.

She went on to say that after the rise on the charts and sales from her albums motivated her, challenging herself pushed her to reach the success she is now facing.

“There was a time in my life when charts and sales excited and motivated me. Once you have challenged yourself and poured every ounce of your life, your pain, your growth and your dreams into your art, it’s impossible to go backward. I’m very grateful and humbled for the extraordinary success of the new album.”

With the success she has had in the past with her accession in her music, especially with her last album, “Renaissance,” released in 2022, blending multiple genres like dance, house, disco, R&B, and hip-hop, Beyoncé said she understands the barriers she has broken through her art.

“I’m honored to introduce so many people to the roots of so many genres. I’m so thrilled that my fans trusted me. The music industry gatekeepers are not happy about the idea of bending genres, especially coming from a Black artist and definitely not a woman,” Beyoncé said.

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