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Beyoncé Calls Out The ‘Preconceived Notions’ From The Music Industry Amid Country Album

Beyoncé is calling out the "preconceived notions" plaguing innovative music artists who aren't afraid to break past genre conformity.

Beyoncé is calling out the “preconceived notions” plaguing innovative music artists like herself who aren’t afraid to break past genre conformity.

Just days after releasing her country debut album “Cowboy Carter,” the decorated Grammy winner graced the stage at the iHeartRadio Music Awards to accept the Innovator Award. Dressed in a black leather cowgirl-esque ensemble, Beyoncé took time to give flowers to Stevie Wonder who presented her with the esteemed award before sharing an impassioned speech about the challenges that come with being an innovator.

“Innovation starts with a dream. But then you have to execute that dream, and that road can be very bumpy. Being an innovator is seeing what everyone believes is impossible,” she said.

“Being an innovator often means being criticized, which often will test your mental strength. Being an innovator is leaning on faith and trusting that God will catch you and guide you.

The “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer wrapped up her speech with a call to action to the music industry who have aided in pigeonholding musicians into certain music genres. With Beyoncé releasing her first country music album featuring a single that made history as the first country song from a Black woman to top the Billboard 100, she wants to see less “preconceived notions” and more embracing of artistic expression.

“So, to all the record labels, every radio station, every award show, my hope is that we’re more open to the joy and liberation that comes from enjoying art with no preconceived notions,” she said.

“I want to dedicate this award to all the innovators who have dedicated their lives and their art to creating shifts. So thank you for your sacrifices, your powerful voices and your dauntless spirits.”

Beyoncé also made sure to thank her husband Jay-Z, their three children, and Black musicians she credits for serving as pioneers and inspiration in trying other genres of music.

“Thank you to Rosetta Tharpe. Miss Tracy Chapman, Linda Martell, Prince, Stevie Wonder, André 3000, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and so many more who defied any label placed upon them,” she said. Thank you for executing your dream so we could all follow.”

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