NFL Player Damar Hamlin Transfers His GoFundMe Money To ‘Chasing M’s’ Charity

Many football fans were watching Monday Night Football on Jan. 2, 2023, when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field after his heart temporarily stopped after making a tackle. The game stopped as we all watched and wondered about the status of his condition and if it would have a long-lasting effect. Due to that incident, fans contributed millions to a fundraiser in his honor.

According to The Associated Press, $10 million was donated to the 25-year-old during his recovery through a GoFundMe account. He recently revealed the money raised would go toward his charity, the Chasing M’s Foundation.

“We have been very deliberate and intentional about taking our time to set my charity up properly,” Hamlin said in a written statement. “I’m excited to begin sharing news about programs we are creating to impact a generation of youth and give back to others,” the statement further stated.

More than $9 million was contributed to a GoFundMe campaign, and an additional million was given to a second online fundraiser set up by The Giving Back Fund. That nonprofit organization helps athletes and celebrities manage their charitable giving.

A marketing representative for Hamlin said earlier this year that his family had arranged for The Giving Back Fund to act as a fiscal sponsor for the donated money from the GoFundMe account. Doing so allowed Hamlin’s team to raise funds as a charitable entity. In January, Hamlin’s team claimed the money collected from the GoFundMe account would eventually be transferred to The Giving Back Fund, which was never done.

But Marc Pollick, CEO of The Giving Back Fund, disputed that report and said the organization’s leadership “has always operated ethically, appropriately, and legally.”

“My charity is not connected to the challenges being faced by the leadership of The Giving Back Fund,” Hamlin said in the statement, adding, “Donors will have full tax-exempt status.”

Nevertheless, Hamlin intends to transfer the money collected to the organization he started in May 2020. Last month, Hamlin applied for retroactive tax-exempt status as it was incorporated as a nonprofit in Pennsylvania.

GoFundMe has confirmed they will hold the money donated until Hamlin requests a transfer of funds.