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Angela White Continues To Shed ‘Blac Chyna’ Persona, Right Along With OnlyFans

Blac Chyna is fully entering her Angela White era.

Blac Chyna has fully entered her Angela White era, announcing her exit from OnlyFans to join a “female empowerment” platform.

After becoming the highest-paid contributor on OnlyFans, Chyna has jumped ship for another subscription-based platform where nudity and adult content is banned. On Passes, Chyna will give her fans an inside look into her personal evolution, Variety reports.

Subscribers can see Chyna “feature a variety of topics that are important to her such as her spirituality, running her business, favorite recipes and cooking tips, fitness routines, and an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at more personal life experiences,” the company announced on Friday, Dec, 1.

The move falls in line with the new image Chyna has been showcasing on social media. The model and entrepreneur has shared her journey to dissolve her fillers and silicone butt injections. She also received an honorary doctorate from Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College.

Now, through the Passes app, fans will see Chyna continue her evolution to becoming a better woman by going natural and even quitting alcohol and nicotine.

“I am so grateful to join Passes, a female-owned platform that lets me show my true self to better connect with my growing community,” Blac Chyna said. “The last year has been transformative for my mental and physical health, and I look forward to sharing more of that journey on Passes. My hope is that telling my story will help people feel less alone and more supported in whatever struggles they may be going through.”

The app costs $9.99 per month for all-access content. There are also lower-priced tiers for access to “day in the life” ($6.99), workout ($3.99), and cooking ($3.99) content. Creators on the app keep 90% of their subscription revenue; Passes takes a 10% cut plus 30 cents per transaction.

Chyna has claimed to be in financial trouble thanks to her ongoing custody battle with rapper Tyga. In court documents released in October, Chyna claimed she had to sell off her clothes and shoes to make ends meet.

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