Black Woman Launched Artificial Intelligence App to Help Millennials Get Rich With Credit; Partnered with Experian and Actress Naturi Naughton

Startup company WealthyLife launched the CreditRich artificial intelligence fintech app to help millennials boost their credit scores. CreditRich was released on April 15th and is available on the Google Play Store.

“We are really excited to have CreditRich,” says WealthyLife founder Angel Rich during an interview with Cheddar News. “It allows people to round up their spare change to pay their bills intelligently and optimize their credit score as fast as possible.”

Credit Artificial Intelligence App Lands Powerful Partnerships

Angel Rich is the brains behind CreditRich. She’s on a mission to transform how financial literacy education is perceived among millennials. The Black Enterprise Elevator Pitch winner has developed many creative financial products and programs but this one leverages two strong partnerships.

According to, Angel Rich is the first Black woman to develop a fintech app in partnership with Experian. There are three credit reporting agencies in the United States and Experian is one of them. The app pulls in credit report data from Experian to help users identify the best ways to maximize their financial potential through credit.

“It makes sense to put financial literacy, intelligent bill pay, and credit management together on a smartphone to help people increase their credit scores faster and easier,” Rich shared in a statement. “I don’t want people to experience the same hurdles I did after graduating from college with $180,000 of debt.”

WealthyLife has also partnered with popular singer, songwriter, and actress Naturi Naughton. Best known as the lead actress in the drama series Power, Naughton joined the team as the Chief Branding Officer.

“Having credit is real power,” Naturi Naughton said in a statement.”I’m elated to join the team because I believe CreditRich is going to change the game! I was a late bloomer when it came to credit building & financial literacy, but now I see that one’s credit score can be a determining factor in his/her future. Our time is now!”

Angel Rich is Taking Credit Scores to the Next Level

Rich serves as the Vice-Chair of the DC Financial Literacy Council. Recently, she’s drafted a bill to mandate financial literacy in schools.

“If you are unable to read and write the language, then you are unable to function it,” Rich shared during a conversation with Michael Eric Dyson. “At a core, people need to actually understand their history and the core financial principles.”

Rich is adding a bit of excitement and education to the financial literacy world with her new app. CreditRich was developed using a proprietary algorithm. The app prioritizes bill payments to ensure users obtain the best grades in the payment history category of the credit score. The technology is also able to use past behavior to predict credit decisions. Ultimately, these insights provide users with the best way to get rich by using their credit score.

“Angel is a genius. This product is so helpful to young people…and all people. We want to encourage people to start to realize how important credit is,” says Naughton during an interview with Cheddar News. “And you can be rich. But not just with money in the bank. Be rich with your credit.”

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