Boss Moms: La La Anthony Talks 3 Keys to Balancing Business and Family

Boss Moms: La La Anthony Talks 3 Keys to Balancing Business and Family

From radio and TV host to best-selling author, actress and beauty entrepreneur, La La Anthony has ensured that her career trajectory continues to be on the up and up–even while juggling duties as a mother to son Kiyan and wife to NY Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony.

Her most recent boss moves have included co-starring on the hit Starz show Power, and co-producing Broadway play Eclipsed, which stars Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and has landed six Tony nominations. caught up with the busy power woman on the heels of the Tony award nomination announcement and as she was being named the 2016 Resident Mom of the Year by Residence Inn. We talked about motherhood, hacks for traveling with children, and her future ventures into Hollywood: How do you balance expanding your business empire from beauty into production and acting with family life? What are three tips you’d give other boss moms out there?

La La Anthony: Well, it’s definitely not easy and it’s a constant juggle. What works for me is meticulously organizing my schedule each day. Taking care of things with Kiyan, my businesses and Melo, I plot out my day from morning to night. I also decide what’s very necessary to get done today and what can wait until tomorrow or another day.

I’m my own worst critic, so I had to become OK with the fact that I can’t always get everything done in one day. As women, we beat ourselves up and say, ‘I didn’t get everything done,’ or ‘I’m not a good mom because I couldn’t get that done today,’ but you have to be OK with the fact that sometimes it’s just not possible.

Also, support from family is key. I have my mom and a great husband. Whether one child or 10, no one can do it all alone.

You travel with your son Kiyan, who’s here as we speak. What are some mommy hacks for traveling with children on business or even for leisure?

For us, especially on flights, I always try to have something for Kiyan to do, whether it’s coloring books or schoolwork or games. That way you can get in fun but practical things while you’re on a long flight. Sometimes hotels can be a boring place for kids as well, so I love hotels that have amenities that are kid and family-friendly, from grocery shopping services to offering rooms with kitchens and in-hotel activities.

You’ve seen great success in venturing into Broadway, your New York Times best-selling books and your beauty line, Motives. What’s next for you?

I’m continuing to act and produce, and I’m back on Power, which starts shooting again in September. I have a movie called Double Play that’s coming out, and we’re continuing the run with Eclipsed, and the two books I wrote, The Power Playbook and The Love Playbook are now being turned into films and TV series as well. Just excited and thankful for what the future holds.