YouTube Cuts Candace Owens’ Coin For Anti-Trans Rhetoric In Videos

YouTube Cuts Candace Owens’ Coin For Anti-Trans Rhetoric In Videos

YouTube is warning Candace Owens that her anti-trans videos may affect her pockets.

NBC News reports that the streaming platform had demonetized videos on the conservative commentator’s channel for violating its monetization policies on hateful content. YouTube says the violations come from Owens’ continuous misgendering or deadnaming members of the trans community. While the policy isn’t publicly listed, YouTube released a statement saying they consider deliberately misgendering, referring to using pronouns not preferred by trans individuals, as a potential violation of its monetization policy.

Owens used her platform to address the issue. On an episode of The Candace Owens Podcast, she claims YouTube gave her the option to “delete every video that I’ve ever done pertaining to gender in which I have accurately gendered someone.”

Google spokesperson Michael Aciman said YouTube hadn’t removed the hosts’ videos but blocked “several videos” on her channel for a monetization violation. Their policy guidelines on hateful and derogatory content state YouTube can block advertisements from running on a video that “promotes discrimination, disparages, or humiliates an individual or group of people,” including disparagement of the LGBTQ community, Aciman said.

Not one to mince words, Owens spoke out on her episode, “I Have An Announcement To Make.” She doubles down, claiming she hasn’t misgendered anyone. “If you properly gender someone, you can have your YouTube account hit. If that person does not feel that they are that gender that day,” Owens said, according to Newsweek. “So reality does not matter on YouTube, people’s feelings about reality does, which is a shocking thing.”

According to Twitter, her channel still has some sponsors behind her, like Omaha Steaks and Birch Gold.