Here’s Why Cannabis Should Be Added to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s Why Cannabis Should Be Added to Your New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve just entered a new year, and resolutions are running rampant. Everyone has decided what to give up, and what to acquire, adjust, and strive for in order to make 2017 meet and beat expectations.

In deciding what to add to your life to make your year brighter, more focused, and more promising, you may want to take a closer look at cannabis.

The benefits of cannabis are often overshadowed by jargon highlighting the alleged downside of usage. However, what is rarely focused upon, is the beneficial impact cannabis consumption can have on your life when used responsibly. That changes now.

Below, you will find what cannabis can do for the new you this New Year:

1. Improved Focus


This is the baseline of what you need, in order for all of your other resolutions to stick. You need to tune in, be direct, and focus on the goals you’ve set for yourself for 2017. You need a sativa.

Sativa is an invigorating cannabis strain with properties that boost energy, inspires creativity, and increases focus. The cerebral-focused effects of sativas could be exactly what’s needed to complete that proposal, organize those ideas, start that script, work on that business plan, and get the job gone.

2. Stress Relief


The mere thought of adopting a New Year’s resolution is stressful. Resolutions imply that some sort of change needs to take place, but seeing as how we’re creatures of habit, change is no cake walk.

Fret not, indica is here to help. According to, indica is ideal for full body relaxation, and is your go-to for relieving stress, headaches, migraines, or anxiety. Indicas may also be useful for those sleepless nights when you can’t turn your brain off, due to work-related stress or anxiety.

3. Weight Loss


This one is somewhere on your resolutions list too. It may seem a little counter intuitive, because most assume cannabis equals the munchies, which equals inevitable weight gain. The fact is, this isn’t necessarily the case.

It has been noted that some types of cannabis have special cannabinoids, including THCV and humulene, which actually suppress the appetite. Cannabis is also said to improve insulin control, increase levels of good cholesterol, and improve your overall metabolic function, though it is still unclear how.

4. Additional Income


Yes, you read it right. Surely, somewhere on your resolutions list there is “make more money.” Well, you may have just found your avenue to do so.

You’ve likely caught wind of how the cannabis industry is currently booming. The fact of the matter is, if you play your cards right, you can boom right with it. Seeing how this is a fairly new industry, there is an abundance of ways for you to get in and make money–without ever touching the plant. There are lucrative careers in the cannabis industry that can pay anywhere from $50k-90k.

The beauty is that the industry is currently so wide open, that you can get in where you fit in best. Marketing expert? They need you. Media? They need you, too. Accountants? Yep, there looking for you. Farmers? Well, obviously. Find a way to lend your expertise to the industry, and your year may be more lucrative than expected.


So, there you have it–the secret weapon to achieving your resolutions reside in the friendly, green plant. Enjoy!


Safon Floyd is the Digital Editor at Black Enterprise. She is also co-founder of EstroHaze, a cannabis media startup. Follow her @accordingtofon.