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Cardi B Defends Adult Content In Response to Candace Owens’ Call For A Ban On Pornography

Cardi B is all in favor of a little adult content.

Cardi B defended the adult content industry after Candace Owens demanded the government ban all pornography, calling it “a psychological weapon intended to weaken our men.”

Once Cardi caught wind of Owens’ porn ban request on Twitter, she responded with a personal testimonial.

“Ommmggg why yall so against porn ? Is it that bad for yall?” she wrote in a screenshot captured by TMZ. “I enjoy it but I don’t know I guess is like a 6 time a year thing. I personally don’t feel no connection or addiction to it just a little quick one two … NOTHING LIKE REAL INTIMACY!”

The married mother of two also credited porn with being able to “teach men how to please a woman.”

Owens’ call for a ban on porn goes against the latest business plans of her former acquaintance Ye, widely known as Kanye West, who recently launched his Yeezy Porn imprint. He reportedly has been building a studio and working with Stormy Daniels’ ex-husband, Mike Moz, on the venture.

Following the announcement, Yeezy’s former chief-of-staff, far-right political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, revealed his exit from the company as the controversial rapper’s expansion into the porn industry went against his “spiritual and physical health.”

Earlier this month, fans noticed tweets about the launch of Yeezy Porn had been scrapped from the internet.

Ye and Owens struck up controversy together in 2022 when they posed for a photo at a fashion show while wearing shirts that read “White Lives Matter.” Both Ye and Owens have expressed their opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement. But it seems they have different views when it comes to adult content.

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