Cardi B Seizes Vlogger Tasha K’s Earnings From YouTube

Cardi B is as relentless in getting her money as she is at clapping back at any naysayers that have come for her throughout her career.

According to Radar Online, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, who is owed millions from vlogger Tasha K, has made good on her promise to start garnishing any income from the YouTuber. In April, Cardi was given the legal right to seize property owned by the woman who defamed her.

After Cardi B sued the blogger, a jury found Tasha K, whose real name is Latasha Kebe, liable for defamation, invasion of privacy, and infliction of emotional distress. The Bronx-bred entertainer was awarded nearly $3 million in punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. Variety also reported that the $3 million comes on top of the $1.25 million she was initially awarded, totaling $4.25 million for the rapper.

The Bronx native first served a subpoena to JP Morgan Chase to start collecting her award money; however, she was informed the vlogger only had $1,083.02 in her account.

Then the Love & Hip-Hop star contacted Google, the owner of YouTube, to see how much money she could garnish from Tasha’s account.

“YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to immediately hold all money, including wages, and other property, except what is known to be exempt, belonging to the Defendant or obligations owed to the Defendant named above beginning on the day of service of this summons and including the next 1,095 days,” the notice stated.

She was told that Tasha was owed $9,304.81, but that money was turned over to the Grammy-winning artist. Cardi originally sued in 2019 over Tasha K’s slanderous YouTube videos. With over one million subscribers, Tasha K told her viewers that Cardi B had herpes, previously worked as a prostitute, cheated on her husband, Offset (formerly of Migos), and used hard drugs, among a slew of other claims.

Tasha K avoided paying the rapper and then filed an appeal. Billboard reported a judge upheld the $4 million defamation verdict. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit rejected an appeal after the blogger claimed the verdict resulted from a “lopsided presentation of evidence to the jury.”

In March, Tasha K took to Instagram to offer Cardi B an apology. But, like most bill collectors, Cardi just wants her money!