Killer Mike’s Stance On Gun Control: ‘New Laws Affect Blacks Worst And First’

Because mass shootings have increased, Atlanta has decided to implement a curfew for children. Rapper and activist Killer Mike recently caught up with TMZ to discuss the curfew as well as newly proposed gun laws in his hometown of Atlanta. He voiced his concerns, saying the latter will end up hurting Black people, and insisted on other alternatives that could curb gun violence.

During the interview, Killer Mike said he came up during the era where Black boys were being killed in the 1980s; because of that, he is not opposed to a curfew.

While acknowledging the need of a solution to the mass shootings and illegal guns being bought, he is opposed to any new gun laws, saying that “new laws affect Blacks worst and first.”

Killer Mike thinks there are enough gun laws on the books and would prefer that Black people take courses like the Stop the Bleed and enlist in an organization such as the National African American Gun Association. He stressed the importance of becoming educated about firearms use and believes knowing the laws is more beneficial than trying to implement new ones, especially where Black people are concerned.

However, he also emphasized his belief in the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms). Before ending the discussion, the ATL native also stated he feels every Black family should have a revolver, a semiautomatic pistol, a shotgun, and a semiautomatic rifle, and know how to use them all.

His reasoning involves the founding fathers, who believed that citizens should be ready to fight against tyranny, and by having access to those weapons to do the job if necessary.

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