Deion Sanders, Colorado

Coach Prime Welcomes Young Dolph’s 9 Year Old Son During Colorado Game

The city of Boulder and the Sanders family bore witness to a visit by 9-year-old Tre Tre Thornton, son of the late rapper Young Dolph. Against the backdrop of a tough loss for the Colorado Buffaloes on Oct. 13, Tre Tre’s appearance still created a memorable scene for all in attendance, as reported by Sports Illustrated.

Tre Tre Thornton graced the event decked out in the No. 2 diamond chain of Shedeur Sanders. This unique experience marked a significant moment for the budding entrepreneur. Young Thornton recently launched BMDTGO, a venture that’s garnered attention and success, primarily with the “King of Memphis” collection.

To add to the significance, Tre’s mother, Mia Jaye, joined the gathering in Boulder to support this noteworthy endeavor. 

In a touching interaction, young Tre eagerly approached Deion Sanders on the field during pregame warm-ups, dropping to his knees for an affectionate hug.

Deion Sanders, taking to social media on a Monday morning, expressed gratitude to Mia Jaye for allowing Dolph’s son to be a part of the Buffaloes’ extended family. This occasion reminded the public of the death of Young Dolph, whose real name was Adolph Thornton Jr., nearly two years ago. The music world mourned his loss when he was fatally shot during a visit to a Memphis bakery. His untimely death sent shockwaves across the globe and impacted the Sanders family.

While the Colorado Buffaloes may have endured a tough loss, the heartwarming presence of Tre Tre Thornton and his connection with Sanders added depth and significance to the night in Boulder. After a week off, the Buffaloes head to Los Angeles for a meeting with the 25th-ranked UCLA at the Rose Bowl.

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