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‘Men’s Health’ Celebrates Colin Kaepernick As Symbol Of Strength And Resilience In Cover Story

Colin Kaepernick is being praised for a “special kind” of strength, one that goes beyond athletic achievement. The former NFL quarterback is the cover star for Men’s Health as it celebrates his legacy on and off the field.

As part of the “35 Strongest Men of the Last 35 Years” issue, Kaepernick is leading the pack, as his strength shows up not only in the physical, but the political. He shared how “grateful” he was to be a part of this October/November rollout in an announcement to his Instagram.


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“It’s dope to share space with the other incredible men whose strengths show up in different ways,” shared the athlete-turned-activist in the caption. “Strong people build strong futures! Let’s get to building!”

Kaepernick is best known for taking a knee during the national anthem before NFL games in protest against police brutality, leading to his premature departure from the NFL toward more civil rights activism .

The cover story is a letter written by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Mitchell S. Jackson that showcases support for Kaepernick’s journey but also disbelief at NFL teams’ refusal to give him a shot.

“Needed you aware of my immense gratitude for your sacrifices, for what you’ve done for our collective consciousness, for how you’ve transformed my thinking and seeing,” shared Jackson after expressing his immense thanks to the Super Bowl veteran. “‘We are human and should be treated as such’—that’s what I’ve gleaned as the crux of your message.”

However, Kaepernick’s dream to return to his beloved sport might not be long gone. He trains daily like he’s preparing for the next game. As the 35-year-old still fights for the opportunity to showcase his skills, the former 49er is still committed to, and celebrated for, the very cause that made him a household name outside of sports.

Readers can check out the full letter at Men’s Health.

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