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Celebs, Creators And Influencers Pull Up To CultureCon 2023

CultureCon 2023 made its way back to New York City on Oct. 7-8, and went down at Brooklyn Navy Yard despite the consistent downpour of rain. The conference for the culture, powered by The Creative Collective NYC and presented by MAX, embodies panel discussions around business and finance for creatives. From managing money with “Cash Convo” to managing time in “Offices Hours” with time-saving tips and strategies to work smarter not harder. 

The annual two-day event gave homecoming vibes that presented ways to explore more avenues to create opportunities in communities of color. A topic that was centered in a fireside chat with Issa Rae.

Notable celebrities, content creators and influencers shared why they participated in CultureCon 2023:


Marsai Martin

“Oh yes so, I am with Clinique doing a booth. I’m very excited to just walk around. It’s my first time here so you know I might just drop a little gem, answer a few questions, and then probably just walk around after.”



Bimma Williams

“Yeah ,Totally so I’m excited for Culture Con, today I get to interview Jharrel Jerome  a multi hyphenate, creative, actor, musician and I think it’s so incrediblethat we get to have a really intimate discussion about his journey and what he hopes his impact to be and then and then also just talking about the music right music moves our culture so much it’s one of my my favorite things to talk about my favorite conversations to have and I’m just honored to be able to be here and contribute to the overall growth of the black and brown community here,”



LaLa Milan

So, I’m excited because I’m actually gonnabe on the panel with Walmart and HOORAE which is amazing for me because I’ve already worked with both of them in a different capacity and it’s been amazing so I’m gonna be moderating and I’m gonna be bringing life during the panel.”



Aaliyah Jay

“My participation in the culture conferences was being on the panel with Google today. I was on a panel with three other people and we answered some questions about you know what it’s like creating content on Google which is also Youtube, and we answered like you know our path. like when we started, from how we started, how we, you know kind of created content that was authentic to us, and so I was kind of just giving knowledge to the audience about you know where I came from and where I’m at now and where I’m trying to go.”


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Written by Rana Epps