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Study: 79% Of Black Americans Polled Had Regrets About Relocating Last Year; Here’s How To Cut Your Moving Costs

Last year, Black Americans typically spent approximately $1,500 on moving to a new residence.

Seventy-nine percent of Black Americans in a recent study said they had regrets about moving to a new home last year.

Some of the top regrets reported by respondents included missing their old home (20%), wishing they had decluttered before moving (19%), and wishing they had chosen a larger place (15%). These findings were provided by Jaime Seale, the author of this report conducted by Clever Real Estate

Two thousand American adults who relocated in 2023 shed light on their experiences.

At the same time, the top reasons Blacks moved were a lower cost of living/home prices (23%), a better quality of life such as better weather and recreational opportunities (20%), and living closer to friends and family (18%).

Another discovery: 40% of Black Americans shed tears during the relocation process; 35% of them experienced conflict with loved ones during that activity.

On the cost front, 47% of Black Americans polled spent $1,500 or more on their move. That was less expensive than the (50%) respondents who spent $2,000 or more to do the same last year.

Roughly 53% of participants had unexpected costs during their move, and 54% say the total moving outlay was higher than expected. Not considering those costs more closely perhaps explains why 33 percent said they didn’t budget correctly for their move.

To help reduce moving costs, Seale offered some tips:

  • “Prices can vary widely among companies, so get multiple estimates to make sure you’re getting the best deal.”
  • “Movers usually charge by weight or volume, so getting rid of some items that you don’t need or want in your new home can help reduce the cost.”
  • “Before buying boxes and packing materials, use items you already have. For example, fill up suitcases or plastic tubs you already have and use clothing or blankets to wrap any breakable items.”

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