Dallas Real Estate Expert Helps Bridge Wealth Gap Using Free Social Media Tools

Chastin J. Miles‘ story is a prime example of how passion and using free resources can change the course of one’s life.

Miles, who is described on his site as a “real estate expert, author, and public speaker,” started his career in 2014 as a struggling solo real estate agent. As time progressed and Miles found his footing, he decided to share his experience and the lessons he learned in real estate, entrepreneurship, and finances on YouTube. 

This venture would ultimately catapult Miles’ career into overdrive. Since starting his channel in 2015, Miles has gained over 77,000 followers and obtained millions of views on the platform overall. Miles has developed or is leading several million-dollar companies, some of which are within the real estate industry.

The Dallas native also provides help for individuals worldwide trying to break into real estate and or becoming an entrepreneur by holding coaching sessions and sharing his tips in the 2018 book The Real Before The Estate: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Real Estate.

In an interview that Global Newswire featured, Miles shared what initially prompted him to use social media, primarily YouTube, as a marketing tool. He said, “If social media is that marketing channel that millions and billions of people are on, why wouldn’t I be marketing my business through social media?”

Miles also revealed that the main reason he was interested in helping others reach their financial goals was because of the wealth gap. He explained that individuals could solve this problem by having the right mentorship and using the provided information.

Miles stated, “If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and like you’re spinning your wheels going nowhere, and you’re ready to claim the freedom you want for your family, it’s safe to stop trying to ‘figure it out,’ all of the information is already here, it’s just up to you to follow a leader, like myself, so you can get the same if not better results.”

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