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Derrick Jaxn Attributes Cheating On Ex-Wife Da’Naia To Feeling ‘Rejected’

Disgraced relationship guru Derrick Jaxn is opening up about the infidelity that led to his divorce from Da’Naia Jackson.

Jaxn appeared on the Dear Future Wifey podcast on Wednesday, August 16, where he spoke candidly about the triggers that fueled the disconnect between him and his ex-wife. In a clip shared by The Shade Room, the social media star explained how he only shows “aggressive energy” toward women during moments of intimacy and found himself feeling “rejected” by his wife when he would come on to her.

“I don’t have aggressive energy toward women except in intimacy,” Jaxn explained “How I would express my affection often times was aggressive.”

Noting examples of how he would pick his wife up or caress her from behind, Jaxn recalled how his actions would cause Jackson to “really really shut down.” Her response would make him feel “rejected,” something he claims he had never felt before.


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As a result of feeling rejected by his wife, Jaxn opted for the “safer” option, which was entertaining other women.

“What felt safer was to go out and at least have friendships with other girls,” he admitted. “Just the conversations felt like acceptance again.”

He went on to confess that his “loose boundaries turned into no boundaries,” and his friendships with other women led to infidelity. Jaxn acknowledged his pride and his continued pursuit of other women or partying whenever his wife would shut down.

However, host Laterras Whitfield recalled Jackson’s past appearance on the podcast where she revealed the sexual assault she experienced two weeks before marrying Jaxn. The divorcee seemingly agreed and explained the “repetitive pattern” where both of their triggers were being set off and further fueled the disconnect in their marriage.

“I didn’t know certain forms of affection that felt natural to me, just felt scary for her,” Jaxn said.

Online commenters blasted the relationship guru persona he promoted online while cheating on his wife.

“How this man gonna tell men how to be men when he couldn’t even make his own wife feel comfortable,” one user wrote.

“Ladies, take note this is narcissism. There is not a shred of accountability in any of what he said … literally all her fault in his mind,” added someone else.

Jaxn announced his divorce from Jackson in December 2022. She has since gone on to build her own brand and speak candidly about her public split.

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