Eboni K. Williams Addresses Backlash For Not Wanting To Date A Bus Driver

Eboni K. Williams has been under fire after admitting she would only date a bus driver if he owned the bus.

The backlash ignited after a clip from Williams’ interview with life coach and spiritual teacher Iyanla Vanzant went viral on social media. The clip starts with The Real Housewives of New York City alumna and theGrio star asking the Fix My Life star for advice for Black women who are successful in their career but still figuring out how to “position ourselves in our divinity” when some Black men are “not in a position to protect nor provide.”

Vanzant’s response to Williams was a question asking, “Would you date a bus driver?”

“If he owns the bus,” Williams replied. “If he owns it.”

“That’s a problem,” Vanzant said. “Because the standards and requisites, the standards and criteria that we use to measure men is off for who we are as women and who they are in this society.”

She continued, “I would date a bus driver if he loved driving the bus; if he was a man of integrity; if he loved his mama; if he loved me well; I would date a bus driver.”

The discussion went viral after one Twitter user shared the clip and said “Iyanla Vanzant asks a sister, would she date a bus driver.”


Williams has since faced mixed reactions with some defending the attorney’s stance and others criticizing her take on men who drive buses.

“Why is that black women in most cases are expected to date down and or except a man giving her a struggle lifestyle. Isn’t she a lawyer?” one user asked.

“She’s still single FYI. The bus drivers don’t have issues finding dates,” added someone else.

However, after becoming a trending topic and receiving an onslaught of direct criticism, Williams returned to her show to clarify her stance on dating bus drivers.

“After the 50,000-plus comments posted on social, I only saw a handful that even considered the possibility of a bus owner being a more aspirational position,” she said.

“And recognizing that I am actually speaking and pouring into the ascension of Black men when I said what I said.”

Williams called out the people who personally shamed her and other Black women as “undesirable, gold diggers, and much worse.”

“Now I suspect that some of y’all are the same men that brought home C’s and D’s on your report cards only to then be coddled by parents that said ‘Well that’s OK. As long as you’re doing your best,”” she explained.

Williams continued.

“I love and believe in the excellence of Black men. So no my dear, C’s and D’s or any other form of mediocrity is not okay.”

However, her update only ignited more criticism from many who accused Williams of “gaslighting” people into supporting her take on mediocre men.

“The gaslighting divestment babble isn’t working sweetheart. Nice try!” one Twitter user wrote.

There were others who defended Williams saying she has the right to whatever standards she chooses to set for men she dates.

“No explanation is necessary. I saw nothing wrong with what she said the first time around. 🤷🏾‍♀️ her standards are what they are,” they wrote.

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