FedEx Worker Sanitizing Package for a Child with an Autoimmune Disorder Warms the Nation's Heart

FedEx Worker Sanitizing Package for a Child with an Autoimmune Disorder Warms the Nation’s Heart

FedEx worker sanitizes package
Note left by FexEx worker Justin Bradshaw (Image: Carrie Blassi)

Every day, essential workers go the extra mile to make sure that Americans are able to get what they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. From grocers to deliverymen and women.

Last week, FedEx worker Justin Bradshaw went above and beyond to make sure that a child living in a home that he was delivering to was safe by sanitizing a package after reading a sign posted by the family on the door.

On April 6, Carrie Blasi who is the mother of the child referred to in the note posted on the front door of the home sang Bradshaw’s praises after home surveillance cameras captured his random act of kindness. On Twitter, Blasi wrote, “We have a sign on our door for packages/mail as our 11 year old daughter is a type 1 diabetic [and] our federal express delivery guy wrote this on our box: ‘I sanitized your box once I’ve seen the note on your door.’”

Kindness Goes a Long Way

After her tweet went out, the heartwarming story of what the man had done went viral on social media. The video of the gentleman has since been uploaded to YouTube.

People magazine spoke with Blasi who shared that she has been able to connect with Bradshaw after a friend of his reached out to her on Facebook. They spoke over video chat.

“One of the FedEx delivery guy’s friends found me on Facebook, and we were able to connect with them via video conference,” Blasi told People. “He is such a good-natured man.”

During the Zoom video call, Bradshaw shared that his daughter is also at high-risk during the pandemic as she was born prematurely. In an interview with WPTV, Bradshaw said, “It is crazy the amount of measures we have to go through to stay safe,” Bradshaw said, “The first thing I thought of was Nova, because she was a micro-preemie. And she’s very high risk.”

As essential workers show up for America, people around the country are now being asked to show up for them, too. Many essential workers are risking their health, well-being, and lives every time they clock in.

In hopes of encouraging others to be kind and intentional, Blasi created the hashtag #BeLikeJustin.