H&M Puts More Black Entrepreneurs On The Map With Latest ‘Buy From a Black Woman’ Partnership

H&M Puts More Black Entrepreneurs On The Map With Latest ‘Buy From a Black Woman’ Partnership

Black women business owners and entrepreneurs will once again get a heavy dose of inspiration from a dynamic partnership.

H&M and Buy From a Black Woman will embark on a five-city “Inspire Tour” to put businesses owned by Black women on the map. According to a statement, the featured cities are Philadelphia, Charlotte, Houston, Los Angeles and Atlanta. 

Donna Dozier Gordon, head of inclusion and diversity for H&M Region Americas, noted there is a link between successful businesses and thriving communities.

“H&M is committed to using its platform to promote economic inclusion and spark growth for Black women entrepreneurs because when their businesses flourish, entire communities thrive,” she said in a statement.

This is the third year the major retailer has partnered with Buy From a Black Woman. 

“The Inspire Tour highlights Black Women business owners who are finding, owning, and living out their ambitions,” said Nikki Porcher founder of Buy From a Black Woman. “Their stories of triumph over adversity showcase the victories in their communities, which inspires both entrepreneurs and consumers who dare to want more to keep reaching for their dreams.”

Recent data showed Black women are hurt the most by the country’s unemployment rate. However, according to J.P. Morgan Chase, Black women business owners were reported to be the fastest-growing group of business owners in the U.S. Some Black women start businesses out of necessity and create their own employment opportunities where non existed previously.

“High rates of Black female entrepreneurship may also reflect lack of opportunity in the traditional workforce – many start businesses to survive rather than pursuing market opportunities,” Tosh Ernest, head of Business Growth and Entrepreneurship and Financial Health & Wealth Creation for Advancing Black Pathways at JPMorgan Chase.

The Inspire Tour will highlight the experiences of Black women business owners starting July 1, 2023, in Philadelphia.