How Did We Even Miss Beyoncé Branding Incense?

How Did We Even Miss Beyoncé Branding Incense?

The incense sticks are part of the singer's "Cowboy Carter" merchandise collection.

Cleanse your space with Beyoncé’s latest products. Fans uncovered “Beady Head B’s” incense sticks for sale on the singer’s website.

The “Bang Bang” incense sticks play into Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter era, as labelled so on its packaging. For $25, fans of the candle-like product, often burned as a soothing ritual, can get a 15-pack for their home or shrine to Queen Bey.

The charcoal-based sticks have notes of teakwood and tobacco. The singer also has a cowboy hat-shaped incense holder to make one’s collection complete. While they are an exclusive Beyoncé shop item, the history of incense expands across communities.

Incense is more than a candle alternative to bring scent into a room. Often used for religious rituals, they also symbolize spirituality and connectivity while helping with aromatherapy. Typically mixed with spices, ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire used the sticks for ceremonies and traditions, as reported by The New York Times. As for contemporary use, incense emerged as a popular home fragrance for many Black households.

The Bey-approved product continues to pay homage to Black cultural elements, yet is not her first rodeo in the scents department.

Beyoncé is already basking in the success of her more-known entities, Cécred and Cé Noir. The latter, a fragrance released in 2023, caters to the body, instead. Its own notes include clementine, golden amber, and Namibian myrrh.

As for Cécred, the hair care line celebrates diversity while staying true to the singer’s upbringing in Black hair salons.

“I grew up sweeping hair in my mother’s salon. So much of who I am came from there. I saw how she transformed hair by mixing mainstream products with textured hair care,” explained the singer on the company’s beginnings.

She added, “It’s been my lifelong dream to create these hair products and bring some of my mother’s teachings to life. We started by prioritizing the needs of textured hair like mine and others who lack moisture and strength. It was important to honor past rituals while infusing our personal touch by adding advanced science to build new sacred rituals. The result was haircare defined by its performance, quality, and intention.”

Now, BeyHive members who love her other products can try Beady Head B’s incense sticks. For more Cowboy Carter-specific merchandise, her shop has vinyls, hats, and denim apparel to further celebrate the groundbreaking album.

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