How to Maximize Your GI Bill Housing Allowance

The GI Bill is one of the many benefits of serving in the U.S. Army.  It helps veterans transition to civilian life by providing servicemen and women an opportunity to further their education and training after discharge. Beyond providing tuition assistance, the GI Bill covers college, business, technical or vocational courses, certification tests, apprenticeship/job training (veterans and reserve Only), flight training, entrepreneurship training and more.

[Related: 15 Best Employers for Veterans] developed an interactive map, which shows the ‘best bang for vets’ buck in every state – taking into consideration the quality of the school, the housing allowance provided from the Post 9/11 GI Bill, plus the cost of living and safety of nearby neighborhoods.

“The GI Bill is one way the U.S. government makes sure the men and women who risk their lives for our country get what they deserve,” says chairman, Howard Dvorkin. “It covers the costs of a quality education and a reasonable allowance for housing, but doesn’t tell you where the most cost-efficient place is to live – a major factor in any budget.”

“We wanted to figure out how to maximize this important military benefit for veterans across the country, so we made this map to help them plan for the next important step of their lives,” Dvorkin says.

For more information on how to use your GI bill, check out the Department of Veteran Affairs Website.