Jamie Foxx Reportedly Learning to Walk Again Amid Rumors He Was Hospitalized After A Covid Vaccination

While there’s been no update from Jamie Foxx’s family or confirmation that he’s active and well, a representative for Jamie Foxx told NBC the false claims around the actor’s health are “completely inaccurate.”

The false claims and misleading information that plagues the internet have somehow linked Jamie Foxx to Covid vaccine conspiracy theories.

Unfortunately, the social media rumor mill has been buzzing with claims and speculation about the hospitalization of Foxx. There have been mixed reports about the actor’s health status since he was hospitalized for an emergency “medical complication” in April.

In May, Foxx’s daughter Corinne Foxx shut down claims saying the comedian was on life support and said he had been “out of the hospital for weeks” and “recuperating,” as noted by Fox News. Corinne even claimed her dad was “playing pickleball” with friends.

The continued question marks have made room for rumors about what caused Foxx’s health scare.

There are mounting claims from right-wing personalities saying Foxx was injured after receiving the Covid vaccine, NBC News reports. The claim was first made by A.J. Benza, a podcaster who appeared on “Ask Dr. Drew” on May 30 and claimed Foxx was left “partially paralyzed and blind” after being forced to get the Covid vaccine while he was working on a film.

Benza claimed a source “in the room” with Foxx told him this information and said the actor developed a blood clot, which led to a stroke after the vaccination. A rep for Foxx denied Benza’s claim saying it was “completely inaccurate.”

Insiders told Radar Online that Foxx is recovering at a rehab facility that teaches people “how to walk again.”

“Jamie is receiving treatment at one of the top physical rehabilitation centers in the country,” the allged source said.

“The clinic specializes in physical therapy programs to treat injuries or a physical condition that limits or prohibits the ability to walk or walk correctly. They teach people how to walk again at this particular clinic.”

But that hasn’t stopped conservative pundits like Candace Owens from running wild with Benza’s claim since Foxx’s family hasn’t publicly condemned the podcaster’s claims.

“Their silence seems as though there is some veracity to this claim,” Owens said in a YouTube video posted Tuesday. “We’re all holding our breath to see whether or not Jamie Foxx speaks out.”

Other conservatives are using social media to continue spreading the misinformation surrounding Foxx’s health emergency.

“I am infuriated a decent person like Jamie Foxx fell victim to Big Pharma because a movie set is still dumb enough to mandate their cash cow clot shot,” one conservative organization founder tweeted on June 1.

There are a growing number of YouTube and Twitter deep dives linking Foxx to a Covid vaccine conspiracy theory. With the comedian’s family focusing on his health and not on the internet speculation, it has allowed the rumors to continue.

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