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Bob Marley’s Family Debuts Unique Cannabis Line In Honor Of The Late Singer

The family has partnered with lead cannabis pre-roll brand Jeeter.

The legacy of Bob Marley and his impact on the world outside of music continues with the announcement of a new collaboration between his family and leading cannabis pre-roll brand, Jeeter.

In a news release shared with BLACK ENTERPRISE, the company revealed a one-of-a-kind cannabis line, curated alongside his loved ones, that honors Marley as both a musical and a cultural icon.

“Jeeter’s work in the cannabis space has been incredible,” said Cedella Marley, CEO of the Bob Marley Group of Companies, Grammy-winning singer, author, and Marley’s daughter. “Cannabis culture and the Marley movement go hand in hand. Jeeter’s deep dive into Jamaican culture has been a joy to witness, and the results speak for themselves.”

To bring the collection to life, Jeeter took a voyage to Jamaica, where they not only learned more about Marley’s roots but also took the liberty of supporting a music festival in his birthplace of Nine Mile. Working directly with the Marley family, the brand was intentional about incorporating Marley’s essence into everything from the strain to the packaging to “create a product that’s quality and design authentically reflects Bob Marley’s eminent legacy.”

The line includes packaging that pays homage to Marley’s musical mastery, a strain, that is a nod to his “herb” nickname for cannabis, and a ceramic tip that emulates joints that were rolled to perfection by the beloved Rastafarian.

The never-before-done joint also comes enclosed in a signature guitar case, which features a gold embossing of Marley’s image. Additionally, it can also be opened to display a classic double-twisted hand-rolled joint, which Marley was best known for smoking.

“We’re thrilled to do a collab with the iconic music legend Bob Marley,” said Jeeter co-founders, Lukasz Tracz and Sebastian Solano in a joint statement. “To make this collaboration genuine, we went to Jamaica to connect with the culture he loved. This is all about celebrating Marley’s legacy in a real and respectful way.”

Ahead of the launch, Jeeter debuted the Marley collection during its second annual High Dining experience alongside long-time business affiliate Dwyane Wade in Los Angeles for the 4/20 holiday.

The event, a celebration of cannabis enthusiasts and friends, was a reflection of Jeeter’s commitment to curating “live events that combine culture, creativity, and music to provide unforgettable experiences.”

Not only were guests delighted with a gift of this one-of-a-kind collector’s item, but they also witnessed a special performance by Marley’s grandson, Skip Marley, where he covered classics by his grandfather that included “Buffalo Soldier” and “One Love.”

The Jeeter X Marley One Love collection will be available for purchase for cannabis consumers in Arizona, California, and Michigan starting May 23. 

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